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Lilli Ewing of Seattle. "My Focus IS Your Relaxation!" Licensed Therapeutic Massage for over 20 years. OPEN 7 days a week as early as 5:30am till 10:00pm-ish by appointment only.

Dahlia Spa takes pride in treating each customer as an personal. All of our essential treatments and skin care services are customized to your preference. Choose between a range of salts, sugars, herbs, and essential oils to create your own unique experience. We are excited to be a part of the Mount Baker/Leschi neighborhood and look ahead to serving our community.

Here we aim to present and practice both contemporary and traditional therapies designed for healing, relaxation and comfort. All of our treatments are designed with the aim of relieving and rejuvenating you from the daily stresses of life and returning your natural sense of balance.

At Lake Union Massage, our mission is to relieve the world of muscular tension and pain one massage at a time. We are three Licensed Massage Practitioners LMPs with almost 10 years of knowledge between us. Together, we supply Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Pregnancy massage as well as Aromatherapy and Spa Treatments.

With a focus on body awareness and educating the importance of self care practices, our customers are able to maximize their own results. Therapeutic massage combined with relaxation treats problem areas while honoring how important it's to have gentle healing touch.

Welcome to Whole Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinics, with locations in both the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, and North City neighborhood of Shoreline. At Whole Health our customers have approach to a dedicated staff of health care specialists who supply the best quality of care available, including expertise in: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Massage Therapy.

Set the stage for a miracle with Lanz Miracle Cream. Massage therapy is the best prescription for mending your body, mind and soul in this fast-paced, stress-filled world. Taking care of yourself does not have to be a luxury! Email Lanz Massage today for more information about how massage can benefit you.

Relaxation and stress reduction are the core of what we provide at Dreamscape Massage. Swedish, Deep Tissue, and other modalities are used to customize your massage to build a heavenly experience. Let us lead you on a journey, far far away from everyday cares, worries, and stresses. Dreamscape Massage is situated in the centre of the diverse neighborhood of Capitol Hill.

We're a diverse group of massage and somatic practitioners committed to providing quality therapeutic work to our customers and education and professional development to newly licensed practitioners. We provide therapeutic massage and somatic therapies to our customers for wellness, injury recovery, stress reduction and relaxation. Insurance billing is available with some providers.

At Earthly Rituals it is our hope to build a sense of inner calmness resulting in outer health and beauty. We provide a place to step away from the urban chaos and into peace and nurturing. We will supply spa services that will draw from wisdom around the world. Earthly Rituals is a individual spa, a tiny, intimate space. The spa is an ideal getaway for one person.

In the world of Ummelina our goal is to making the time spent with us an interlude to be remembered and treasured. We have traveled the globe to prepare for your arrival. New and ancient healing rituals are blended with state of the art spa technologies. Every sight, sound, taste, touch - a work of art. Each of the global rituals is a journey in honor of your health and balance.

Our goal is to supply the best quality of massage and body treatments that will leave you feeling like heaven. We believe massage reconnects spirit and mind with the body and increases awareness and well being. It is a lifestyle, is it part or yours? Both Jessica and Michelle DeShayes are graduates of Brenneke School of Massage. They have been in practice since 1997.

Market Place Salon and Day Spa is a complete service salon situated in Burien, Washington, just minutes from SeaTac Airport. Our professional stylists supply the finest haircuts, haircolors, manicures, pedicures, facials and massages available. To serve you better our multi-lingual team speak Spanish, Persian and Urdu.

A therapeutic, eclectic, and compassionate touch, crafted to relax, heal, and rejuvenate each unique body. I aspire to create an environment of health and healing through an artful blend of techniques, a sensitive touch, and a compassionate spirit, while encouraging my customers to become active participants in their own wellness. On the Burke-Gilman Trail in Fremont!

I was lucky enough to have my hair stylist give me a recommendation for a great spot for a facial. The serene outdoor garden automatically soothed me and put me in the correct mind for relaxation.

News -We have been nominated for Best Massage In Western Washington by King 5! If you love to Chill will you show your love by voting for us! If life's obligations, responsibilities and overall stress are getting you down, come in to Chill, you're sure to find relief. We offer pretty Instant print or email right from home!

  • Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Even though our insurance will pay for massage at another

If an appointment is not kept, I will add the full price of the missed appointment to the cost of your next massage. I do not bill insurance for payment. However, I will gladly supply you with a receipt so that you can bill your insurance supplier. I specialize in deep tissue sports massage and work very aggressively.

What's the correct treatment for you? Located in the Fremont District of Seattle, Ageless offers an exceptional Medical Day Spa environment for women and men of all ages. In addition to traditional spa services such as facials and skin care, Ageless specializes in medical enhancements such as skin smoothing laser treatments, facelifts, botox or treatments for cellulite.

For over ten years, Mary and Jerry Napolitano have offered spa and salon services in a serene neighborhood haven situated on Queen Anne Hill. The new East Lake location is the Napolitano staff's take on urban renewal. The ambiance is vibrant yet relaxing with the same, award winning services.

Are you intrigued by the idea of being able to access different states of consiousness? Do you want to see how to expand your mind and relax your body? Have you always been interested in meditation but feel you do not have the endurance? Dreamclinic is a Seattle-based business established on the belief that all people deserve to have health and well-being and, furthermore, that health and well-being

Therapists at The Massage Sanctuary excel at delivering customers with the positive experience of massage. All of our therapists integrate their basic Swedish Massage expertise with other modalities and styles depending upon their training. Each practitioner is nationally certified with NCBTMB and all meet Washington State licensing certifications.

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Rob is an experienced nationally-certified and licensed massage therapist in the State of Washington. He supplies deep tissue, relaxation and sports massage to his customers throughout the pretty Pacific Northwest. He has a relaxed, informative approach to bodywork and shares his knowledge about the body freely. Rob is health conscious, physically fit and has very strong hands.

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort and nothing really seems to work then maybe I can assist. At Deer Dancer Healing Arts my focus is on you and getting results and creating change. Hi, my name is Dan Christofferson and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Hellerwork Practitioner with over eleven years in private practice.

Be Truly Relaxed Open seven days a week! Schedule Appointments Online Now! Available seven days a week, 24 hours a day! Appointments must be 13 hours in advance to use the online program.

Massage Therapy is recognized as a form of preventative maintenance and rehabilitative health care. Professional therapeutic massage improves muscle tone and circulation, eliminates toxins from the body, relaxes the muscles, relieves pain and reduces stress. The interest in massage therapy has steadily increased in the last twenty years.

Welcome to Rejuvenation Massage & Acupuncture, a place of healing and renewal, situated in the centre of the old Ballard district of Seattle, WA. Let us soothe and revitalize your tired body from scalp to toes. We provide a pregnancy massage for expecting mothers.

Jonathan supplies services at both offices. We provide health services for the body and mind to aid people achieve complete wellness with integrity and support. Through collaboration, professional insight and personalized education we build relationships for nice health for an immediate wellness solution, or for a long-term therapy plan.

You are an hour away from ultimate relaxation. With just one phone call we'll send one of our licensed therapists to your door. No traffic to fight, no taxis through an unknown city, no hassle. Umi therapists are trained in a huge range of massage and spa treatments. Are you jet lagged, pained, or need to unwind? We will send the best therapist to you.

Forget advanced bookings, the Massage Traveler will provide the absolute finest in therapeutic massage to your hotel, home, or business at a moment's notice. No need to fight traffic, find parking, or even wait weeks for an appointment. And better yet, we can have a licensed male or female therapist at your door within the hour! All Massage Therapists are well trained, licensed and bonded.

In my medical massage practice, I aid patients in their recovery from injuries sustained in auto accidents, on the job or playing sports. Larry did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed at each session. He helped me get back to a normal routine after my accident.

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it. For more than three decades, Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa has been redefining style and service in Seattle.

Design your gift certificate, preview it, and then send or print it immediately. Request an appointment right now! An atypical day in the life of a Seattle Nail Salon. Send us your email and we will keep you up to date on all the latest gossip, news and discounts from us. Here are what our clients are saying about us!

We're actively working on this website while it is on-line rather than taking it down to perform the work. This website will be fully-functional again within the week. Competitive athletes, weekend warriors and active people at all levels benefit from therapeutic massage at Advance Therapeutics in Seattle and on the Eastside.

Whether you are suffering from chronic nagging pain or a new injury that just does not want to heal, Traditional Chinese Medicine can assist you. Through the powerful integration of the age old technique of acupuncture and the skilled hands-on application of Tui-Na traditional style Chinese therapeutic massage, you can be free from pain. At our Seattle clinic each patient is treated as an personal.

We provide quality massage for stress management,injury recovery, and health maintenance. Our cooperative business is a workplace with more than 25 Washington State Licensed massage practitioners. Since 1981 we currently have delivered massage in a caring and professional manner for people throughout the Seattle Area. We provide a tranquil and pretty environment to enhance relaxation.

  • I have come here for many years. I find it to be a good place. The sauna and steam room

Orders are normally processed within 24 hours and shipped UPS ground unless otherwise specified. Oils have been our business for more than twenty five years. Essential and fragrance oils are packaged in 8 different sizes, and in quantities convenient for massage, aromatherapy, and body care. Ask us about bulk herbs and resins, exotic oils, and carrier oils.

Body Aware Massage has been owned and run by Robbin Blake, Licensed Massage Practitioner, since the beginning of 2005. Robbin uses both Orthopedic Massage and Aston Patterning in her sessions to aid her customers recover from injuries and from chronic pain.

Wedgwood Center for Natural Medicine is a center delivering a huge array of resources for achieving holistic health and wellness. Our practitioners include two naturopathic physicians, two chiropractors, a massage therapist, and a licensed acupuncturist. We are situated in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle, Washington making us easily accessible.

You'll automatically be entered in my monthly drawing for a free massage session! Seattle Massage at Its Best Why am I the finest? My customers tell me it's because I really listen. Whether you seek stress relief or injury treatment, i will suit your specific requirements with care and a touch of humor.

Serving the beauty requirements of our community for almost three years, the Beauty Bar is still living up to its goal to facilitate best quality and thorough services for everyone. Everyone can use a little extra beauty and our personable team and fun environment make the Beauty Bar a great place to receive spa treatments, enjoy the atmosphere and catch up on celebrity gossip.

Aruba-J Mind Body Wellness Center is established on the idea that true healing comes from within. Your body has an amazing capacity to regulate and maintain itself; we depend daily on this natural capability to sustain life and health. Our therapist believe in the huge healing potential within each personal.

Allow yourself to create time and space to relax, renew, realign. Ancient Art of Touch Re-Leaf Massage is a therapeutic massage firm serving two locations in Seattle. Our practitioners are experienced in treatment as well as delivering deep relaxation techniques. Our practitioners are passionate for our art and dedicated to delivering you, our customer with a therapeutic experience.

Design your gift certificate, preview it, and then send or print it immediately. Book your next appointment, right now! The Ballard Health Center and Wellness Spa was set up in 1950. It's Seattle's oldest founded massage center. Ballard Health Center is a second generation family business.

Patients Our integrated community of healing arts practitioners enables patients to experience unique access to a huge array of therapies and modalities as they pursue their health aims toward total wellness in body, spirit and mind. Practitioners Our supportive and collaborative environment enables practitioners to experience the valuable opportunity of sharing knowledge with other healing arts specialists

With respect and love we welcome you. Enliven your senses with tantalizing aromas, sacred sounds, warm herbal oils, soothing teas and luxurious massage. Allow the ancient art of Ayurveda to embrace, nourish and rejuvenate you.

I received my massage training at Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle and my BA at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. I've provided massage in a range of settings--chiropractic offices, salons, and health clubs. I believe massage can reshape our day to day lives. Every day we go here and there, pushing ourselves to suit deadlines and responsibilities.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is the key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Massage: Techniques available include trigger point massage therapy. EFT: Energy medicine techniques are used to treat and release negative emotions. At Seattle Health Therapies, we're trained practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Energy Medicine therapies.

We're not the normal Day Spa. Sure you can get the NorthWest's Best Massage or a facelift from Acupuncture but we specialize on healing! The Mind, Body, & Soul are treated at Ascension. We consider ourselves Shamen, living amongst the tribe healing our families & friends. Caring about their spirit as much as their infections & sore backs. Take advantage of our experience and aid yourself heal & grow.

Many years ago on a trip to Thailand, I had my 1st professional massage. That day I felt a relaxation that I never knew existed. I didnt know how much stress I had, until it was gone! During that trip to Thailand, I had over 50 massages. I really began to appreciate that feeling you get after receiving a healing massage. Feeling so relaxed, grounded, centered and light.

I provide Clinical Massage Therapy for joint or muscle pain, injuries of all sizes, pregnancy, chronic pain sufferers, or simply just to relax.

Massage preferences are personal, personal, and extremely subjective. I found Megan's style -- strong yet subtle -- offered the safety I need and her skilled techniques made the experience one to crave. The ambiance of the studio, hypnotic music, and her gentle presence created a warm cocoon of true pleasure. Are you plagued by tummy troubles or confused about how to eat?

Our spa was established on the belief that people live happier and healthier lives when they have a strong positive self-esteem. We specialize in permanent hair removal, massage, acupuncture, and cosmetic injections. We are dedicated to our customers and will supply a warm, caring, and professional atmosphere in which you will feel supported in becoming a new creation.

Relax, recover, maintain your health and more with our excellent massage & bodywork treatments. Online booking and instant email gift certificates are available! Located on the busiest street of Capitol Hill, Seattle, our practice will be a restorative and convenient addition to your daily routine.

Massage is the practice of applying structured pressure, tension, motion or vibration manually or with mechanical aids to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints, to reach a beneficial response.

Need to relax and feel your tension melt away? Highly recommended Licensed Massage Therapist has openings in her Greenlake Office! Friendly, professional Massage Therapist offers flexible scheduling, huge knowledge in massage and specific treatment work, and confidence thru extensive training and repeat clientele!.

If you are searching for a Licensed Massage Practitioner you have certainly come to the best place. If the policy is followed, no charge will be made and services will be cancelled. If the policy is followed, no charge will be made and services will be cancelled. Failure to follow Cancellation Policy will result in the deduction of one pre-paid massage session.

Whether you are experiencing a simple need for relaxation and pain relief or a desperate yearning to reclaim a piece of your soul that had been chipped away through abuse, trauma or neglect, The Fourfold Healing Sanctuary provides a range of services to assist you on your life's journey. Experience the soothing touch of Massage. Relax into the healing flow of Reiki or Cranio-sacral Therapy.

Let us be your guide and present you an introduction to the most popular techniques in massage and efficient alternative health practices available today. Begin today to benefit from a magnificent array of complementary therapies! Experience Burien's foremost massage therapy destination at Natural Health Massage! We want to be your start on a fulfilling passage to well being.

About us: Sangraal Bodywork The name Sangraal another term for the legendary Holy Grail is derived from San and Graal. San is the breviate of Sanctus or Saint and Holy, and Graal is the Keltic word for Vessel or Vase. John Alldredge LMP: My name is John Alldredge, masseur and owner of Sangraal Bodywork since 1999.

On top of a great idea they deliver - from great client service in working out appointments for me to the owner coming to play babysitter it exceeded my expectations. New Born You Massage is a firm that brings licensed massage therapists and child care suppliers to your home to allow you to relax and rejuvenate while your kids are being cared for in your very own home.