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Schedule your appointment online in real time. Stress engages our sympathetic nervous system, better know as fight of flight response. The body requirements to be in a parasympathetic state or rest and digest in order to perform many vital funtions. Massage is a perfect way to engage this relaxation response to allow the body to heal and repair itself by stimulating circulation, flushing toxins, and

I'm a licensed massage therapist in Carrboro, NC, practicing Deep Swedish - a deep and smooth, not painful, massage that soothes and heals. When we're done you will know that you have had a massage, and the results will be long-lasting. Take a look around - let me know if I can assist.

Massage provides a drug-free non-invasive and humanistic approach located on the bodies natural capability to heal itself. Massage works on the bodies nervous and muscular systems to counteract the bodies response to stress. Massage relaxes muscular tension and enables the heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to return to normal.

I believe that everyone should get at least one massage at some point in their life and then many more after that. Whether it's for relaxation, relieving stress and body aches, or keeping up with self-care, massage is a great way to achieve better health. I studied Massage at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA.

The trusted source for Massage Therapy, Pain Management and Relaxation in the Triad. How can you be certain you've chosen a reputable, professional massage therapy business? W e are committed to making you feel nice. You can now schedule SAME DAY appointments. Every customer using the online program will need to set up a profile, user name and password.

  • Place is nice, everyone was friendly, I received good massage but not quite good as previous

A complete service salon and day spa dedicated to improving the lives of our customers and team through education, beauty, wellness and fashion. Our mission is to have your experience liven the senses, instill well-being, and fulfill your unexpressed wishes and requirements. Visit HBS Express, our new location off-campus at OSU!

Some people are "born bodyworkers" and have that special touch. Intuitive and caring, thorough, strong, and effective with benefits lasting for days. Give me a try and you'll understand! I take my work seriously. From stressed-out executives to retirees and from arthritis sufferers to pro athletes I can provide relief from the daily grind in a beautiful and peaceful setting. Massage sessions are customized

Offering quality massage to the Sanford and surrounding areas. If you're looking for a professional massage therapist, you have come to the right place. I have been trained and practiced in a variety of massage modalities and customize each session to obtain the greatest benefits and relaxation possible. See website for additional details on rates, hours, location and services offered.