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The Massage Place experience starts the moment you open the door. Soothing music and subtle aromas of natural essential oils mingle in the air. Our well trained and professional team will lead you through the massage process from the beginning to finish. Comfort and safety are our major focus while you're in our care. Come relax in our pretty gardens and enjoy.

Radiance is a selection of spirited, diverse individuals, dedicated to honoring community in its multi-faceted manifestations. The passion, inspiration and respect that we give to each other is the foundation on which we build our relationship with you. It is our intent to encourage and support your exploration of healing and empowerment.

Don wanted to build a massage therapy experience that was a cut above the rest. His mastery of massage therapy, technique, and study of the human body offered a strong foundation for his vision, and his desire for a new and exciting facility led him to create what is today, The Massage Zone. This facility was specifically designed and equipped for maximum customer pleasure and esthetic beauty.

Mission Statement: The mission of Cascade Radiant Massage Center is to nurture people through the healing touch of massage one person at a time. We believe in preventative care and restorative health of the entire person through the integration of body, mind, and spirit with healthy touch.

The Copper Moon's diversified and licensed team specialize in Deep Tissue and Injury Treatment, as well as Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage. Our goal is to provide a warm, caring environment to work with each customer on an personal basis, designing a personal massage to fit each customers need on that particular day.

A soothing tranquil environment will transport you to a different place from the moment you enter. Leave your thoughts behind as you prepare to experience therapeutic massage or the rejuvenating spa treatment of your choice. Each practitioner and treatment has been specifically chosen with your finest interests in mind.

Due to the current economic climate and the fact that Sallie Mae SLM is no longer delivering education loans to schools of our type, the Bodymechanics School is not accepting applications for our regular licensing program at this time. The 600-hour and 860-hour licensing programs as well as continuing education will be on hiatus until late 2010.

Check out my schedule on-line! Here you'll find information about my practice such as how to prepare for, and any helpful things to do after your massage, when regular scheduled appointment times are available, services provided, and rates. I have been licensed in the state of Washington as a Licensed Massage Practitioner since January 2005.

My interest in massage began in the 1980s when I began to study the practice of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. This system of martial art stresses restoration as much as combat. Through the course of my training I studied Okazaki Long Life Massage, a system developed by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki. The Okazaki system is a very deep and intense massage that is meant to promote overall nice health.