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Comprehensive list of Evanston, Illinois based massage spas, studios and centers.

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Hair is a Form of Self-Expression and Individuality Our fully qualified team will aid create a look that conveys your personality, but can be recreated at home. Robert Gold Salon & Spa offers an expert, soothing atmosphere where our talented staff listens to your requirements and supplies sensational results.

We're all stressed out because of the economy. Take some time and rid yourself of that stress by taking advantage of this Bailout Special. My Philosophy Experience the healing benefits of a therapeutic massage. Find the balance between your body, mind and spirit. Everybody has unique requirements when it comes to massage therapy. That is why each session requirements to be tailored just for you.

Conveniently situated across from the Main Street CTA & Metra stations and the NU shuttle stop. We provide appointments Monday through Saturday including evenings, gift certificates and Wildcard discounts. Enjoy hair, skin & nail care, waxing and massage therapy in our spacious, eclectic ambiance of antiques and art, designed for your relaxation.

Massage therapy can assist you to reduce pain and stiffness, improve your array of motion, guard against and recover from athletic injury and enhance your general well-being. Steve Albertson Massage Therapy is committed to assisting you live a healthy life through massage therapy combined with movement & stretching, body awareness, education and self care.

We're Chicago's oldest founded shiatsu massage school and clinic, in Illinois since 1988. Our senior practitioners and faculty are available 7 days a week for Zen Shiatsu treatments. Come experience the grace and effectiveness of Zen Shiatsu for yourself! Advanced students perform sessions on the public under instructor supervision during our Tuesday evening Student Clinic.

For every problem in life, there is a solution. With all the stresses in life and responsibilities we currently have to our partners, employers, kids, and friends. Why not take some time for yourself? Remember what it feels to truly be relaxed without interruption--your body will thank you for it!

Massage Therapy for stress relief, reduction of pain, recovery from injuries and improved self-awareness. Bowenwork for accelerated recovery from illness and injury. Powerful transformation through extraordinarily gentle touch and movement. Mindfulness Based Bodywork for resolving long term health issues that have been resistant to other modalities.

Situated in downtown Evanston, Heartwood Center supplies a pretty uplifted space where our patients, customers and students receive care and teaching from several of the finest practitioners nationwide. Check out our services and classes, then make an appointment with the member practictioner of your choice. Be on your way to greater health and life balance!

Our salon strives to innovate and reinvent fashion through creative and skilled team. Our services, associated with a diverse staff, make for a relaxing experience that will have you looking great and feeling fantastic. Located in the middle of downtown Evanston, Ergo Salon & Spa has been servicing and pampering customers @ our existing establishment since 2001.

In a calming, tranquil setting. Releasing the stress of a busy day. At Hands On Therapy, we currently have a single goal- to supply the best quality of massage therapy to each and every one of our customers. The common thread that connects each service we provide is our uncommon dedication to Mindful Massage!

EGEA Spa supplies personalized attention to your specific requirements and aims. Our services feature natural products and customized skin care. Our facility is a gentle, caring and friendly environment providing only the best complimentary amenities. EGEA Spa's private label products are formulated with only the best quality natural ingredients and essential oils delivering your body the nourishment

Experience an exclusive gathering place in the middle of downtown Stamford, Connecticut. We've taken our name and inspiration from the Greek word, agora, meaning to gather. The ancient agoras of Greece were renowned as popular gathering places. The Agora Spa is destined to follow suit by providing our guests the best getaway, 7 days a week.

At The Rub, we're 100% dedicated to making you feel better. Unlike most spa's, and general massage providers, our focus is on wellness, integration of the mind and body and most importantly relaxation. Our massage, Thai and private yoga sessions are focused, customized, and affordable.

Shiatsu is a style of bodywork that was developed in Japan and is located on the natural healing principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Its roots can be traced back to China around 530 BC. It has steadily earned in popularity in the U.S. since the 1950s. It is a wonderful modality for achieving relief from both acute and chronic health issues. Find out more about the Benefits of Shiatsu.