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Therapeutic massage by licensed, board-certified massage therapist, Sue Petterson. Located in Costa Mesa, she brings 14 years professional experience to the table. Specializing in deep-tissue, sports and Swedish massage. Open daily. $70 per hour. Premier quality massage services for relief of stress, aches and pains.

Endermologie Lipomassage w/ Cold Laser is the world's 1st patented FDA Approved Technology which reduces the appearance of cellulite. The motorized massage combines gentle suction with two active rollers to build a skin fold. Various maneuvers are applied to each part of the body, focusing on the cellulite-ridden areas.

No aggressive, company techniques are used; only light, gentle touch to work out tension and ease pain. Studies have shown that massage can reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, such as nausea, constipation, fatigue, insomnia, and muscle atrophy.

Come and relax at the BodyCentre Day Spa! BodyCentre Day Spa is a place to concentrate on looking and feeling nice from the inside out. Our services treat the body as if it's a temple for the youth minded. Expect new options for a balanced lifestyle. Expect to feel better than you have in a long time. We make it all right for you to focus on you and discover what you've been missing.

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Change your life for the better! We supply excellence in education in the holistic healing arts by providing vocational and continuing education as well as massage and energywork training for lay people. Since the passage of SB 731 in 2008, Massage Therapists will have the capability to obtain a voluntary state certification as of September, 2009.

Ancient Massage, or Thai Massage as it is commonly called today, is one of the world's oldest healing institutions. The Thai people saw illness as an imbalance between the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. Thai Massage is a technique used to give one a new life experience. It works on the so called energy lines that run throughout the human body.

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We accomplish this by listening to you and being honest about your options. We supply the finest care possible so that you can achieve your health aims. We restore your health and spine as totally and speedily as we can in order to lead you and your loved ones to a lifestyle of optimal health and wellness.

Are you so tight that muscles can't move? Does that affect your golf game? What about performance at work? When considering an expert massage therapist, it is significant to find a therapist with the knowledge and understanding who can assist you reach your aims.