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I'm a licensed massage therapist in Carrboro, NC, practicing Deep Swedish - a deep and smooth, not painful, massage that soothes and heals. When we're done you will know that you have had a massage, and the results will be long-lasting. Take a look around - let me know if I can assist.

Massage provides a drug-free non-invasive and humanistic approach located on the bodies natural capability to heal itself. Massage works on the bodies nervous and muscular systems to counteract the bodies response to stress. Massage relaxes muscular tension and enables the heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to return to normal.

I believe that everyone should get at least one massage at some point in their life and then many more after that. Whether it's for relaxation, relieving stress and body aches, or keeping up with self-care, massage is a great way to achieve better health. I studied Massage at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA.

Schedule your appointment online in real time. Stress engages our sympathetic nervous system, better know as fight of flight response. The body requirements to be in a parasympathetic state or rest and digest in order to perform many vital funtions. Massage is a perfect way to engage this relaxation response to allow the body to heal and repair itself by stimulating circulation, flushing toxins, and

We're an Integrative Healthcare practice providing many ways to assist you feel better. Our practitioners' hours vary, but a secretary is available during regular business hours. A Step To Health is glad to introduce two additional providers to our facility: Chris Clark, LMBT who supplies gentle massage & Healing Touch energy therapy and Cherry Pfau, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, RM/T, who supplies Integrative

InsideOut Body Therapies is an exceptional wellness and rehabilitation facility serving the Triangle region of North Carolina. Our highly-trained team is dedicated to helping customers realize their fitness, rehabilitation, pain management, and health aims with a particular emphasis on the moving body. Check out our new Yoga Classes. Complete your CEC's all in one weekend!

Escape from the fast-paced, stressful work week at Shangri-la Massage & Bodywork. Whether you choose massage, reflexology, an aromatherapy cocoon, or a natural face lift you will leave feeling relaxed, revived, and refreshed. We care about your health and the future of our planet, so at Shangri-La Massage & Bodywork you'll find only the best quality natural and organic products.

A fresh and innovative way to enjoy the spa atmosphere in Durham, North Carolina is finally here. Le Paris Spa is the heart and soul of Katia Singletary's desire to give America what she has experienced growing up in France. Her solid French foundation in cosmetology services, coupled with outstanding local and international staff members, create an exceptional and definitively exclusive health and