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Sasha Salon and Spa has been in business since 1981 in Harvard Square. Our team consists of well skilled, fully licensed, friendly skin care specialists, nail technicians and massage therapist. Many of our team members have been educated and trained in Europe. We have a tradition of continuing education and training to learn about new techniques and products to provide in our spa in Cambridge.

Intuitive Massage for the Body and Soul. I am a nationally certified and licensed Massage Therapist serving customers in Cambridge and the surrounding countryside. Graduating from the prestigious Muscular Therapy Institute's intensive two year program, I left with a well rounded education in the areas of Anatomy, Physiology, Client relationships, Deep tissue and Trigger Point Therapy.

I've been practicing for more than five years, since graduating from the Muscular Therapy Institute, where I worked as a teaching assistant and massage therapist. I now work full time as a massage therapist, giving more than 300 massages per year. i am continually humbled by the miraculousness of healing. My mission is to assist people empower themselves and reconnect with their bodies.

Set up in 2003 and situated in the middle of Central Square, Cambridge, SUSAN LIAO massage therapy offers integrative healing where each session is unique and developed specifically for the personal. We rely on a mixture of customer history and testimonial, postural observation and palpation and experience/intuition to determine the appropriate mix of treatment techniques that would supply the most

By touching a body, we touch every event it has experienced. For a few brief moments we hold all of a customer's stories in our hands. We witness someone's experience of their own flesh, through several of the most powerful means possible: the contact of our hands, the acceptance of the body without judgment, and the occasional listening ear.

Massage therapy is an amazingly effective way to reduce chronic tension and assists us to achieve physical and emotional wholeness. Our hands-on work promotes well being and health of body and mind. We supply each personal with a treatment that is designed to their specific requirements. Our therapists are specially trained and have expertise in many different bodywork modalities.

  • Great focused massage work: I went to see Christina for a massage last week. I had been

Our salon has been serving Harvard Square since 1998. Our dedicated team supplies a sensible, safe approach for enhancing natural beauty through our natural skin care products. We provide the best service in waxing, facials, manicures, pedicures, and massages.

By melding ancient techniques with modern practices, Sollievo therapists work collaboratively with customers to evolve comprehensive and integrative wellness programs that promote optimal health. Learn more about us and our services.

Inman Oasis Gift Certificates Great for the holidays! Inman Oasis provides both Massage Therapy and Hot Tubs in a Feng Shui designed wellness center that supplies the ultimate in relaxation. We've been open since September, 2005 in Cambridge's vibrant and independent Inman Square! Thank you for the continued support! We're cheerful to supply and sell EO Products and Klean Kanteens.

Discover the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Stress is a fact of life. We all experience it in some way. Therapeutic Massage assists unwind the effects of stress on your mind and body. Stress comes in a range of forms. Your stress will be unique to your daily activity level. Stress can be motivational, however, when repeated frequently, stress may lead to negative patterning in our bodies.

It's services allow you to build a challenging - yet joyous and healing - relationship that awakens and sustains the willingness and courage to enjoy your own innate health, wealth, love, and ideal self-expression. Life Coaching and Nutrition services are provided onsite in Cambridge and by phone consultation.

ABT Roger is a licensed shiatsu practitioner and co-founder of Harvard Square Shiatsu. After graduating from the Boston Shiatsu School in 1999, Roger continued his training at the Shiatsu College in North Yorkshire, England. In addition, Roger enjoys dancing Argentine Tango, playing classical guitar, and sharing his experience and expertise of the human energetic system.

Massage - For your whole body or the areas that need it most, the miracle of massage is that it can be both relaxing and energizing. Massage elieves muscle tension and stress, eases flow of toxins away from the tisues, brings nutrients to the tissues, and so assists restore your body's natural self-healing processes.