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We set out to build a warm, caring, inviting space and are glad with the result. The cares of the day will fall away as you step inside to the soothing sounds of soft music and calming scents of citrus and lavender. Our inviting reception area is the best place to relax before, after or between treatments.

Is your finest friend an agility athlete, a rambunctious retriever, a mischievous mutt or a couch potato? Is he sore, does he have Lyme disease or arthritis? Or is he the best, healthy pet? No matter what the cas e, see how your furry friend can benefit from a canine massage; after all: It's more than just a pat on the head, it's all about what's UNDER the fur!

Reiki pronounced ray-key is fairly new to the West but is an ancient healing system. Reiki means universal life energy and is a hands-on practice used to manipulate the energy fields which flow within and around every one of us. The energy flows through the practitioner's arms and hands and into the cells of the person receiving the treatment. Reiki is noninvasive, gentle and safe.

WrightTouch:Massage for Health was established in 1992 by Karen Wright, a graduate of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA. We specialize in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork with emphasis on helping customers increase awareness of their bodies and helping them to explore alternative ways of relieving pain and tension.

When receiving a massage a good deal of trust and honesty is exchanged which is respected and honored. Zan strives to be a cooperative staff player with her customer's healthcare and preventive maintenance program by treating their body, mind and spirit as an integrated system. Her intent is to assist people heal themselves, which in turn may aid people have a more balanced and enjoyable life!

We invite you to experience a massage where time honored healing arts meets evidenced-based practice - a balance of science and intuition. Find relief from low back pain, sports injuries, chronic headaches, stress, anxiety, and more. Several therapists are available by appointment 7 days per week with more than fifty years of collective experience.

We strive for a relaxed nurturing atmosphere in which our customers are delivered treatments customized to their specific requirements. Looking for a gift for someone special? With our Instant Gift Certificate you can design your gift certificate, select the massage or day spa service, preview it, and then send or print it immediately. Visit our Gift page for our current specials.

David has an inborn gentleness coupled with great strength and balance. He utilizes an exceptional and creative blend of modalities that is personalized and appropriate for any medical condition, which aids in the healing process. David supplies a warm energetic, systematic and rhythmic method along with a great sense of intuition.