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We're committed to supply the highest-quality care.We integrate Eastern/Western Philosophies in our treatments. For example we use the art of chinese medicine through acupuncture, acupressure, herbal therapy, meridian point therapy, and tuina. In addition to pain relief these forms of therapy are able to restore your spine and muscles for optimal balance and homeostasis.

Call to Schedule an Appointment today! Massage supplies relief to people of all ages-from infants to seniors-and from all walks of life- the weekend or competitive athlete to the home gardener or overworked, overstressed executive. Massage has medical and rehabilitative applications, as well as health and wellness, and relaxation and even sports fitness maintenance and injury recovery.

I'm a licensed massage therapist and naturopathic physician. I have dedicated my practice to helping people in pain fibromyalgia, tendonitis, neuritis, TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome, post accident, post surgery. I have a gentle, but effective mixed style of therapeutic massage that can speedily release tight or spasming muscles.

I believe that massage and bodywork are necessary to live a free and optimal life. The physical benefits of massage are clear: better circulation, lower blood pressure and increased endorphins. In addition, I see a massage as a holistic experience. I believe that physical imbalance is the result of lack of integration on one or more levels: mind, body, spirit or emotion, and that each personal can

Hands on care of sports injuries. Back In Motion Sports BIM Injuries Clinic, is situated in Beaverton, Ore., specializing in diagnosing injury and understanding its cause to prevent future reoccurrences. Established in 1988 by Ted Forcum, DC, DACBSP, BIM supplies chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and exercise physiology.

The practical expression of loving kindness can be traced to Thailand more than 2,500 years ago from the Vajrayana or the Diamond Healing lineage of Tibet. It is deeply influenced by Indian Ayurved and Traditional Chinese medicine. Thai Massage enables the receiver to experience a deepening into the asana yoga posture through a deep and gentle assistance, opening the joints without the resistance created

From the soothing sounds of the waterfall.... To the simmering scents from around the world.... Step away from the city streets, through the doors, into our complete service salon and day spa. A destination spa where tensions are eased, your body beautified and skin rejuvenated.