I'm massage therapist specializing in many techniques massage: Swedish Massage light and deep tissue, facial massage for all, Thai massage on the table, Medical Massage for shoulder injury and scapula release, lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, hand reflexology, Medical Massage for Sciatica nerve compression, sport Massage, craneo sacral, pregnancy Massage, reiki energy healing, chair massage, sport Massage for shin splints, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. shiatsu, Thermotherapy stone massage, medical massage for chronic neck pain, passive muscle stretching, sport injury and deep tissue for hamstrings and quadriceps. Neck, arm and chest pain thoracic outlet syndrome. Hydrotherapy. I also specialize in prenatal massage & postpartum.

In my home or travel, I prefer to work on Ladys Only.
And I am a California certified Massage Therapist code 61681
Very affordable in home.

(562) 213-3938


$1 a min

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Apr 10, 2016