Zen Massage Center considers massage a necessity rather than a luxury and caters to "professionals who need massage to perform their jobs without pain and discomfort." The cozy 220-square-foot office is located inside World Gym, and has one treatment room. Interiors are Oriental-inspired with pastel yellow walls, Japanese tatami mats on the floor, and screens decorating the facility. ZMC's focus is massage and offerings include deep-tissue, Swedish, sports, shiatsu, hot stone/raindrop, reflexology, and medical. Customers may also arrange home/office visits for massages as well.

Contact Details

  Person Zen Massage Center
  City Paramus , NJ
  Zip Code 07652
  Address 600 Winters Ave
  Phone Number (201) 634-0900

Customer Testimonials

Zen Massage Center has helped me immensely with relaxation physically and mentally. Because I am a professional Ice Dancer and train many hours a day, I need massages frequently. After every massage from Tom, I come out refreshed and ready for another day of hard training. Since he is an athlete himself (he practices judo), he knows about how athlete’s muscles get sore after activities and trainings, and he can help you. Without his massage, it would be difficult for me to train as hard as I do on the ice. Thanks Tom for your help.

My name is Cathy Reed and I am writing on behalf of Tom Augustyniak, owner of the Zen Massage Center in Paramus, NJ. I am a competitive figure skater and I compete in ice dancing with my brother and partner Chris Reed for Japan. It is extremely important for us and necessary for all athletes, to receive shiatsu and deep tissue massages to avoid any muscle injuries. Athletes need their muscles to be relaxed but strong and healthy to compete in their sports. When Tom gives me a massage, he locates my tight muscles and problems right away and treats it immediately. He can locate every knot, bump or tight muscle with just one touch. Plus he is such a nice person to talk to, a person to call my friend. I truly appreciate all his help and expertise, keeping us in good condition and feeling ready for our competitions.

Thank you Tom!!!!