Whole Body Health: Chiropractic, Massage, Nutrition, Cleansing, Cold Laser Therapy and more. Located in the heart of Reading, Massachusetts the leading health professionals at Waldman Center for Wellness are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives - combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. David Waldman is commited to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

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  • Reading, Wakefield, Woburn, North Reading, Melrose

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  Person Dr. David M. Waldman
  City Reading, MA
  Zip Code 01867
  Address 2 Haven St. Unit #203
  Phone Number (781) 944-5400

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Dr. David M. Waldman

Dr. Waldman enjoys athletics. He participated in athletics in his youth playing football, wrestling, and competitive bodybuilding. While his competitive days have decreased he enjoys helping others perform on and off the field of play. He has helped many individuals recover from existing injuries and enhance their athletic performance.

Dr. Waldman has dedicated his study and practice over the course of his career towards the treatment of the whole person. Early on Dr. Waldman learned that most disease, illnesses and injuries are due to stress of one kind or another.

He set his goals forth to learn everything he could about what stresses the body in the environment around us and continues to learn from his mentors that are leaders in their respective fields.

Customer Testimonials

I recently visited Waldman Wellness and met with Dr. Waldman. I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail and high quality of service the Dr. and his staff provided. The office and facility is very inviting, clean and comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my clients, friends and family. Keep up the excellent work!

I went to Dr. Dave to take advantage of the Ideal Protein program and couldn't be happier. He and his staff are incredibly welcoming and friendly, and through the program I lost 25 pounds all under his guidance. If you have tried other diets with little success, I highly recommend this one. You drop the weight quickly but it also teaches you how to maintain your weight once you get to your goal weight.

I have never needed Dr. Dave's chiropractic services, but many of my family members and close friends say that they highly recommend him.

By far the best chiropractor i've ever been to. Dr. David Waldman owns Waldman Center of Wellness in the Boston suburbs of Reading. I was really impressed how he diagnosed and treated me so quickly. My insurance didn't cover all of it but he was kind enough to place me on a generous payment plan. great doctor! Great office!

Dr. David Waldman started treating me some 6 or more years ago with what was thoracic back pain. To be completely candid, my opinion of Chiropractic medicine was a bit skeptical. I have since completely changed my mind as to the effectiveness of what this medicine can/does achieve in the hands of an expert such as Dr. Waldman. I lead a very active and sometimes subsequently dangerous lifestyle. This often finds me in more pain than the average person. I always thought that Chiropractic medicine was for "back pain" but have come to find that Dr. Waldman's extensive knowledge of the human body, both skeletal and muscular is and excellent match to handle any and all of my "pains". His knowledge and professionalism coupled with his genuine concern for my health and well being has impressed me significantly. In my best estimate, I will continue to see Dr. Waldman in the many years to come as my body gives way to age and miscellaneous issues.

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