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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Also referred to as colonics, colonic irrigation, or high enemas. All of these are one in the same and refer to the process which uses water for inner cleansing. Colon Hydrotherapy is clean and relaxing.

The Process
A soothing flow of purified, warm water is instilled in the colon through a pencil thin nozzle (rectal tube) which is inserted into the rectum to cleanse and evacuate the contents of the lower colon. The device is designed to allow easy, natural evacuation to take place. This is a gravity fed system which allows the temperature and the flow of water to be safely regulated during the procedure.

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Vita Revive is a Wellness & Spa with an stress free atmosphere of pure relaxation. We provide services ranging from body treatments, massages, waxing, and facials. We provide a showering facility for those clients that receive body treatments to let you leave completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Please allow additional notice when booking for 2 People or more, holidays and weekends. All Vita Revive Organic Wellness Spa Packages and multiple treatments must be guaranteed with a credit card or a gift card.

Since ancient times, steam therapy has been used by traditional healing systems around the world to improve and maintain good health and beauty. The benefits of steam therapy address all levels of the physiology, while simultaneously providing the mental relaxation and peace that today's clients desire. In the warm, moist atmosphere of the steam bath, cardiac output is increased and circulation improves, especially to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

FAR INFRARED BODY WRAPDetoxify with our Far Infrared Body Wrap. Infrared waves penetrate deep into fat layers of your body to encourage an increase of body temperature, metabolism, and blood circulation that results in a slimmer, healthier-looking you. Choose an add-on of your choice - a 30-minute Sauna for only $25, or a 30-minute Foot Detox for only $25 as well. Revive yourself with our Clay Mud Body Wrap. Mud body wraps are not only exfoliating, but it also rehydrates and freshens up the skin.

Fusion massage uses: 1. Swedish technique with long strokes and kneading of the muscles. It is used primarily for full body sessions to promote full relaxation, 2. Hot Stones to increase circulation and relieve muscle tension. 3. Essential oils for the senses to relax the mind and spirit. There are a number of different variations of cupping treatments. During a treatment a vacuum is created and there is some suction that pulls up on your skin and your body's tissues. The anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving agents of CBD decrease inflammation within muscles and joints allowing for a more effective and relaxing treatment.

With over 25 Years of Experience, Vita Wellness Spa has mastered ways to help you maintain your Health and Mental Balance. We also offer organic solutions for Beauty Support. 1. Easy To Use: Healy devices are WEARABLE and are controlled from your phone with the HEALY Apps. With this, you are able to monitor your health anytime, anywhere. The device is easy to use as it is connected to our bodies through wrist straps, clips, and sticky pads. 2. Frequencies Promote Better Healing: It is true that food is essential for our daily sustenance.

A luxurious water treatment that detoxifies, hydrates, and is intensely relaxing both spiritually and physically. It provides pressure point massage jets over your entire body to assist in the relaxation and stimulation of the mind and body. The treatment is perfect for those that are seeking pure relaxation and a chance to get away from it all. The Vichy shower is a 9-headed "rain bar." The rain bar heads can be adjusted to provide either a light rain massage, or a pounding rain to target specific tension areas.

Have you wanted to try colon hydrotherapy but just haven't done it yet? Now you can see what cleansing the colon can do for your health, with a special package to help you get started. The Quick Start Package includes one initial session, plus two follow-up sessions. For optimal detoxifying results, it's best to preform all three within four weeks. Infusions of probiotics replenish and re-inoculates the colon with healthy bacteria and restores the essential balance of healthy bacteria to "bad and harmful" bacteria.