With all the massage therapists, massage services, day spa's, and places to go you probably are wondering who or what place you should choose. So let me give eight reasons why you would should choose me and have me come to you to give you a great massage. However, if another therapist works with me or for me, some or all of these may not apply to them, these reasons are for me only.

My specialty is a relaxing therapeutic massage, which uses enough deep tissue pressure to help release the muscles but gentle enough to be relaxing. I like to say that it is enough pressure for your body to know that I am there but not enough for it to scream at me. The pressure and techniques can be adjusted to your comfort level. The variety of techniques that I use will assist you in relieving stress, relaxing tight muscles, and general healing and relaxation.

Some of the benefits that this provides for you are a reduction in over-all pain and discomfort, reduced headaches, increased range of motion and mobility, less tension and many more. And since you will be getting an in home massage you will not have to drive after the massage so you get to relax and enjoy it even more. And you won't have to worry about getting back in your vehicle and dealing with the other drivers on your way back home.

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  Person Rachel
  City Mesa, AZ
  Zip Code 85201
  Address Appointments available throughout the valley
  Phone Number (480) 420-9948

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My name is Rachel and I established Traveling Therapeutic Massage, shortly after receiving my license in 2008. Since that time I have worked for myself, as well as a few other mobile massage providers (local, national and world wide providers). In that time I have worked on many clients, of all types and many walks of life; vacationers, business travelers, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, celebrities, couples, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, children, elderly, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, or basically every kind of person. All of which have provided me with a great experience each time and I am very grateful for every experience.

Customer Testimonials

Best massage I've ever had. Rachel continues to impress me with the care and professionalism that seems to come standard with every treatment. in my opinion there is no better. give them a try you won't be disappointed

From Our Website

We are a team of dedicated, very professional, very skilled, female and male massage therapists. All of our massage therapists have an Arizona State Massage License and have been properly trained to do the massage work that they offer. We are a small locally owned business, not a corporate run business or franchise. When you call us, we answer the phone ourselves, no automated call center. However, sometimes we are with a client (even the owner is a massage therapist), please leave us a message or send us a text message.

With everything that all of us do, we need to take care of ourselves. One of the best ways to do that is to get a therapeutic massage, to help relieve pain, tension and stress from the body and mind. Getting that massage done in your own home is even better. One of the things people find the most difficult about getting a massage is finding the time. With some many things to get done in a day, driving 15-20 minutes each way can be too much. There is also the issue of finding a massage therapist that does the quality of work that you want.