All Stressed-Up with Nowhere to Go? Transformations Wellness is the place to be in Cheyenne! Did you know that Massage can improve your health? Regular weekly or monthly massage improves performance, regulates blood pressure, stimulates metabolism and the immune system, detoxifies the body, strengthens & tones muscles, reduces stress & tension, relieves pain and promotes more restful sleep.

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  City Cheyenne, WY
  Zip Code 82001
  Address 3720 Whitney Road
  Phone Number (307) 640-2496

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When you suffer from any type of ailment, the more directions from which you approach your problem, the better your chances of a quick and complete recovery. All services offered at Transformations Wellness work synergistically together. For best results, please consider a treatment program that combines multiple treatments together on a regular basis. In order to help you determine the best combination of treatments to fit your needs, all appointments include a brief treatment planning consultation.

My primary goal in my practice is to help people realize health by understanding the nature of healing, the nature of the human experience and the multitude of treatment options available to them. You are NOT merely a recipient of my services; you are an active participant. At the beginning of each appointment, we will discuss your needs and expectations for that visit, and I will customize a treatment for you. When you schedule a holistic appointment with the intention of creating change in your posture or improving your pain or health, we begin each treatment with a posture assessment to determine where your imbalances are, and we proceed the way your body dictates.

In contrast to a Luxury or Relaxation Massage, where the primary goal is aimed at promoting feel-good sensations, Medical Massage aims to treat or prevent psychosomatic dysfunctions in the body that result in pain, hormone imbalances, mood disorders, restrictions in the free flow of blood, lymph or interstitial fluid, etc. Medical Massage is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. My holistic approach to Medical Massage means that I'm not as concerned with your symptoms as I am concerned with the cause of your symptoms, and ensuring that the root of your pain or dysfunction is addressed.