Tranquil Health Massage & Wellness Center is a place for healing. Our philosophy is to use touch, massage, and other modalities to ease pain, nurture the human body's inherent desire to be healed, promote mind/body/spirit integration and growth, and to supply correctional direction and education for longer lasting results.

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  City Fort Collins, CO
  Zip Code 80525
  Address 3307 South College Avenu # 200
  Phone Number (970) 218-5909

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Gayle A. Tanaka (Formerly - Gayle T. Martinchick) is originally from Wyoming. She currently practices as a clinical faculty nurse-midwife at the University of Colorado in Denver, teaches nursing at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, and owns Tranquil Health Massage & Wellness Center, LLC. She sees the limitations of modern allopathic medicine on a daily basis and is excited to see such rewarding results clients achieve with "alternative" treatments. They work hand-in-hand to provide clients with the best of both worlds for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health and wholeness.

Swedish Massage is a modality of massage that uses long, flushing strokes over the body with a light to moderate pressure. You may also have heard it called a "full-body or relaxation massage". It is meant to create relaxation and increase circulation throughout the body, also helpful to flush toxins from the tissue into the blood stream so your body can get rid of them. It is a generalized massage that does not focus on or address any specific areas or problem areas you may be experiencing. Therapeutic Massage is using one or more specialty modalities to treat pain or specific problems you may have.