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  City Ann Arbor, MI
  Zip Code 48104
  Address 2350 Washtenaw Avenue
  Phone Number (734) 332-3800

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Myofascial Therapy (Myo) melts adhesions and restrictions that occur in the fascia (skin that surrounds the muscles and muscle fibers). When a muscle is contracted or elongated for a prolonged period of time due to our activities (such as computer work), the fascia gets 'stuck' in that shape. An example is being stiff when getting out of bed or after sitting for a long time. If we perform the same activities every day or have bad posture, over time, the fascia can build up adhesions. This can decrease our ability to move and increase pain with movement.

Swedish Relaxation Massagerelaxes and rejuvenates the body creating a calming sense of well-being. Upledger's CranioSacral Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that has a balancing effect on the CranioSacral System. Dennis Adams Healing Techniques is a dynamic form of healing arts that help clear our thoughts forms that are stuck in the body.