Our company was established in 2001 by Lindsay MacInnis inspired by a vision to offer massage therapy to heal the body, mind and spirit. The Mommy Spa name refers as much to our specialty in pregnancy massage as it does our nurturing and healing intention. Families and individuals of all configurations welcome!

In a healing place of non-judgement, it is our privilege to offer premium services, ultimate pampering and educational workshops that nurture families and individuals alike.

Our mission is to:
* Empower our customers with knowledge of their birthing choices.
* Teach new parents nurturing touch techniques to build a life-long bond with their new baby.
* Provide alternative modalities as adjunctive therapy for pregnant, cardiac & oncology patients and others with immune system disorders or chronic pain.

Blending eastern and western modalities we strive to help customers improve their mobility, endurance, and immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress and its effects, and ultimately optimize their body's own natural healing abilities.

Contact Details

  Person Lindsay MacInnis
  City San Jose, CA
  Zip Code 95125
  Address 1685 Westwood Drive #9
  Phone Number (408) 506-4024

Business Representative

Lindsay MacInnis

Owner | Executive Therapist | Instructor

Lindsay received her Massage Therapy Certification from Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto, California. It was Lindsay's own pregnancy at age 40 that sparked the conception of The Mommy Spa providing Pregnancy Massage as adjunct healthcare for the birthing years and beyond. Lindsay went on to obtain Advanced Certification in Pregnancy Massage. Studying under such recognized experts as Elaine Stillerman, LMT New York, NY, author of Mother Massage and Carol Osborne-Sheets, CMT San Diego, CA, author of Pre and Perinatal Massage.

Customer Testimonials

When scheduling the infant massage class for my Las Madres mothers group, Lindsay was easy to work with and flexible on time and location. She was well prepared with illustrated handouts & sample massage oils for us to use on our babies. The diagram of pressure points was of particular interest to me. We went over the benefits of touch to our babies and how we can build their self-esteem with positive affirmations. Different massage techniques were demonstrated and I learned what worked best for me. The class was great. I look forward to using what I learned to grow a nurturing bond with my son.

Wow! The Mommy Spa! I wasn’t even aware of how uncomfortable I was, until my legs and feet were physically “consoled” by their exec. therapist. I was more than halfway thru my twin pregnancy; my small frame was carrying quite a load. Lindsay was visiting us in our new home in Michigan. She recognized immediately where I was hurting. She offered to “do what she does” and give me a mini massage before she left.

Understand, I was a skeptic, but did not want to turn down the opportunity. The relief was almost immediate. The advice she offered, after a line of clinical questioning, improved my ability to function through the duration of my pregnancy! I swear, when I talk about it, I can hear my legs and feet thanking her.

A busy but thankful mommy says two thumbs up to The Mommy Spa!