How Can Deserving Body Massage Help Me? Do you find that you occasionally suffer through periods of restless sleep? Overflowing thoughts about a stressful work project; or an achy neck are diminishing your sleep quality? You know that your body requirements that rest to adequately recharge, but where do you seek relief?

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Most everyone knows stretching is an integral part of an exercise routine. But did you know that it is crucial at many other times including when you are not exercising? It is the process of gradually applying gentle force to lengthen and lubricate muscles and joints. It is a way to show you love your body because it requires complete focus on yourself. Stretching can be done by anyone no matter their current physical condition or age. It is a remarkable way to improve health without wear and tear, yet contributes to overall wellness.

Some of us in this society equate massage with all that's between you and your therapist is a sheet. Not so for all! America now is garnering knowledge on all the different styles of massages used across the world. There are several massage styles in which you do not need to disrobe. Below are some of the non-disrobing massage types that I provide currently. This is also known as "Corporate Chair Massage". You are completely clothed in whatever apparel is most comfortable for you. Chair massage typically occurs at an "on-site" venue, (ie: workplace, storefront) and is of relatively short duration.

To properly access the deeper layers of muscle tissue during a massage, it is imperative to work the fascia first. Fascia acts as a tough, elastic sheath of connective tissue, that encircles most structures of the human body. As a massage therapist, I am most concerned with the fascial sheath and how it acts as the top layer over the muscles. I rely on Myofascial Release techniques, whereby the fascial layer is opened through slow, broadening and lenghtening movements. For some clients, there is an inordinate amount of tension within the fascial sheath; it may become restricted and tight from overuse (athletes), trauma (emotional tension held in the tissues from childhood and/or other), inactivity, and stress as a few of the more common factors contributing to this tension.

Hot stone massage - the mere mention of hot stones in conjunction with massage therapy seemingly melts away tension. It could be a chilly day outside and the heat transferred from stone to client body will provide an inner warmth with the charged energy of hot stones. Often, preparing a client for deeper massage work can be started out with hot stones. Principally, though, hot stone massage treatment provides deep relaxation, calming and soothing clients no matter the season. Evidence of the therapeutic aspects of using heated stones can be found for centuries in cultures around the globe: Native Americans have used them in sweat lodge ceremonies; Chinese & Japanese cultures have used movement with hot stones for treatment; hot lava stones are used in Polynesian cultures to enhance massage treatment; and European cultures have utilized hot stones beyond the sauna, infusing a heated element with Swedish massage techniques.

There's no place like home. The comforts and privacy of our homes provide a welcome retreat from anything we may encounter in our public lives. For some of us, receiving a therapeutic massage outside the home may not be an option: perhaps your spouse has the car; you are a wheelchair user (and find it more comfortable being at home); you are blind and prefer an environment you are already familiar with; or you simply prefer the comfort of your home setting to thoroughly relax. Whatever the reason, I offer reasonable rates for therapeutic home massage.

Sports massage is a significant necessity for the life of any athlete, bodybuilder, or person engaging in regular workouts - whether injured or not. Sports massage therapy is a form of massage utilized by active people typically involved in sports on a regular basis. This type of massage is often performed on athletes before, during, and after their athletic event; providing excellent benefits as part of their conditioning program. Sports massage utilizes specific techniques of pressure strokes and stretches to help reach maximum performance and physical conditioning.