We work with each person as an individual and customize your session to your issues and health.

We work to optimize your health and wellbeing through manual and medial massage therapy. We mix many modalites together to provide the best massage experience.

We will suggest and share stretches as appropriate for your body and limitations.

If you have any questions please visit my website and/or call us at 207-784-8002.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Deep Tissue, Swedish, Injury, Pregnancy

Serviced Areas

  • Auburn, Lewiston, Gray, New Gloucester, Poland, Turner, Minot, Hebron

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  • American Express, Money Orders, Discover, PayPal, Personal Checks, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

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  Person Stress Waived - Massage Therapy
  City Auburn, ME
  Zip Code 04210
  Address 862 Minot Ave
  Phone Number (207) 784-8002

Business Representative

Stress Waived - Massage Therapy


Been licensed since 1995.

Products & Services

Foot and/or Hand massage and scrub

Come enjoy a relaxing and exfoliating foot massage.

The feet carry lots of tension as we are on them what seem like all day.

Foot or Hand Scrub: ADD IN to a 60 minute session for $10. 00 or get a 30 minute foot massage with scrub $35. 00.

Sugar scrubs and massage are very safe with no harsh side effects.
Sugar scrubs and massage are safe for frequent use and are non-abrassive for everyday use.
Sugar scrubs and massage stimulate both cells and senses for a heightened experience.

Sugar scrubs:
- hydrate the skin without clogging pores and are easily absorbed.
- act as an ex foliate of dead skin cells.
- can quickly absorb pulling dirt and oil from the pores as they balance the natural oils in the skin.
- can soften even rough, chapped feet after only a few uses.
- moisturize and restore skin.

When the foot is rubbed, palpated and massaged it brings energy to the body.
Foot massage can prevent the harmful effects of stress from taking toll on the body.
A foot massage can offer protection against the many diseases that are associated with stress.

Facial massage

Get a soothing facial MASSAGE. Relax those tight eye and face mucsles from staring at a computer or tv all day.

I work on the face, neck and scalp. If you have never had this done, start today, and you'll wonder why what took you so long.

I make this work for almost anyones budget and time, $30 for half and hour, better than getting your nails done.

60 Minute Session

Each session is personalized for your individual needs.

Do you suffer from?
--Aches from doing weekend chores?
--Sore from coaching your kids sports team?
--STRESS (work or home) ?
--Numbness (pinched nerve, slept wrong) ?
--Repetitive injury (carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, neck) ?
--Poor Circulation?
--Strains/Sprains (sports, exercising, work) ?
--Loss of Movement/Motion?
--and many more

30 Minute Session

Each session is personalized for your individual needs. You can book online or call.
In 30 minutes we will typically focus on a few areas of concern/problem areas as it is not enough time to work on the whole body well.

Do you suffer from?
--Aches from doing weekend chores?
--Sore from coaching your kids sports team?
--STRESS (work or home) ?
--Numbness (pinched nerve, slept wrong) ?
--Repetitive injury (carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, neck) ?
--Poor Circulation?
--Strains/Sprains (sports, exercising, work) ?
--Loss of Movement/Motion?
--and many more

Promotions & Discounts

Package Offerings

Purchase a series of 6 - one hour massages and receive 30% each massage
for a total payment of: $ 252. 00

Maintanance Membership

A contract where you are billed monthly or bi-monthly for your massage sessions for a year.
This earns you a discount of 20% off each massage.

A new way of getting a massage- like a gym membership (with limits) .

Get all you answers at your first massage- try us out

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From Our Website

Stress Waived is located at 862 Minot ave in Auburn, Maine and provides pain relief, high quality, professional and personalized massage therapy. We are a one person massage therapist establishment where you will always see the same body worker so your treatment massage sessions have consistency and follow up to them. It is nice to meet you, my name is Deborah, a licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Stress Waived massage therapy. I have been licensed since 1990 graduating from Seattle Massage School, Washington state.

A full-body massage can be a waste of your money: sadly that is exactly what typically happens at most other facilities in the L/A area. If you are in PAIN, ache, or just constantly uncomfortable, you NEED to see us. Constant pain is NOT normal to have or experience on a regular basis. It is your body's way of telling you "something is not right/wrong deal with me now". Usually if you do no listen and respond in a way that helps decrease and find out why/where the pain is coming from, it will get worse, possibly put you in the hospital, can create disease, all the body's way of getting you to stop, pay attention and do something to help it.

1st: When you enter the office you will be greeted and have initial paperwork to complete, if you have not downloaded it from our website and filled it out prior to arrival. After knowing more about your condition and how pain is affecting your life, your therapist is better equipped to explain how the bodywork session can "work". You will learn the role chronic muscle tension plays and causes pain. Lastly, your LMT will generally outline the session, the areas to be worked and clarify the objectives with you, all to better meet your goals and objectives.

I promise to listen to the needs of my clients and assist them in creating life-long, customized health choices through stretches, and body work. Massage has roots in both Eastern and Western cultures. Massage is a natural, drug-free way to manage stress, promote health and to reduce fatigue and pain of injury.

Deep tissue is different than swedish in so many ways. Deep tissue is extremely focused work. We work on one small area at a time, usually a knot within the muscle. Deep tissue is intended to work trough superficial tissues to get to the deeper tissues. The deeper tissues are usually the problematic ones causing the pain. Deep tissue is different than Deep pressure. You can provide deep pressure to superficial muscles and not usually deeper tissues, that is when in transitions to Deep tissue. Deep tissue breaks up adhesions (muscles fibers stuck together), and realigns fibers.