We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients of all ages. We see a full spectrum of problems, including injuries and degenerative problems involving the spine, pelvis, upper and lower extremities. We offer safe, nonsurgical solutions to many serious disc-related ailments. We are committed to providing corrective care, offering solutions based on individual needs, and to preserve and restore the health of our patients in a compassionate manner.

The Spinal Correction Center of Richmond can help you with:
· Back Pain
· Neck Pain (Improving bone structure)
· Headaches (Spinal quality of neck and upper back)
· Stress (Normalizing the nervous system)
· Sleep (Relieving nervous system interference)
· Pregnancy (Relieve discomfort/safer, easier birth)
· And much more…

For Disc-Related Syndromes such as:
· Bulging/Herniated Discs
· Sciatica
· Stenosis
· Facet Syndrome
· Degenerative Disc/Joint Disease – Arthritis

We offer Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression (Lumbar Cervical Decompression) as a safe alternative to surgery and long-term medications, using the Pettibon System, which can make permanent changes to the spine's structure.

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  Person Dr. Michael C. Mulvaney, D.C.
  City Richmond , VA
  Zip Code 23229
  Address 8536 Patterson Ave.
  Phone Number (804) 740-9300

Business Representative

Dr. Michael C. Mulvaney, D.C.

Dr. Mulvaney's life changed forever in the spring of 1997. He was plagued with back pain from the age of 13 through his teens until he was 21. It all began while playing sports. He was playing soccer, baseball, basketball and running track. Each season would introduce more back pain. After seeing an orthopaedic, he was told it was "just growing pains." Several years later, a top orthopaedic recommended physical therapy. When this was unsuccessful, he was told he would have to "live with it."

In college, the back pain continued. He remained active and "suffered through it" while still playing soccer, volleyball, ice hockey and running. A friend came to visit, saw his suffering and recommended he see a chiropractor. His life changed after the first visit, and he was painfree after three visits. While continuing treatment, his allergies improved, as well as asthma complications. It was this treatment that made him decide to become a chiropractor.

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I came in today with pretty bad sciatica. After seeing the doctor and massage therapist I feel 90% better. Thank you so much for the treatment.

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