SPA Happenings Friendship and Love are the secret ingredients for these Award Winning Cookies! Diane Loring and Dr. Priscilla Partridge de Garcia are a couple of old friends who combined their tallents to create, The Best Cookies in the World, which took 1st place at the Ventura County Fair. An old friendship and a great recipe - a winning combination!

Contact Details

  City Ventura, CA
  Zip Code 93001
  Address 119 Figueroa St
  Phone Number (805) 641-0022

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Diane Huntington Loring, would have been a straight A student if she just could have bounced a basketball in class all day or jumped up and down non-stop. Unfortunately, at the time, traditional classroom etiquette/protocol didn't allow for that. Born in a time that didn't provide much athletic opportunity, for females, Diane found many ways to gratify her athletic nature. Diane grew up in a small town with lots of surrounding agriculture, hills and fields to play in. When Diane was 4 years old, her parents allowed one of those traveling photographers with a pony to take her picture.