SoulsShine specializes in offering services for living your life well. You are uniquely you and the services here are customized to your needs. I am passionate about supporting others in living a full and meaningful life filled with joy and it is my desire to use and share the abundance that I have been given with you.

Whether you are looking to enhance your journey through your mind, body or soul or all of the above, I hope that I can be of service to you. If you feel in alignment with what I have to offer and are ready to get started, I welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Be the Light. Be the Love. Be the Peace.

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Nona Trealoff Bock

Nona Trealoff Bock, MS, LBMT, creator of SoulsShine, specializes in supporting individuals in living their most authentic life. As a healing professional, Nona has been offering bodywork and counseling services for more than 15 years. The study of multi-cultural healing systems and spiritual paths is at the heart of her life's work. Profoundly influenced by the world's varied cultures and the vigor of the human spirit, Nona's focus is on supporting the creation of lasting and meaningful change.

Products & Services

Life & Wellness Coaching

Life & Wellness Coaching

Perhaps you have a vision of something, a dream project, or goal you want to manifest and are ready to bring it into fruition. Maybe you are sensing it is now time to live a more authentic and fulfilled life; bringing your Being and your Doing into alignment. Possibly, you feel now is the time to get on with it and get some support as you are tired and frustrated with life getting in the way or feeling stuck in a rut.

Life & Wellness coaching is about being and implementing the change you wish to see manifest. Each individual is unique with their own life experiences and desires. Thus the transformation they seek is distinctive. You bring the vision and I bring the coaching. Together we work, co-actively creating the change. This process supports you dynamically living that elusive quality that sets you apart from everyone else - the creative force that manifests through you as you.

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your life? Do you long to live the essence of your fullness with integrity? Maybe you are struggling with a transition or some uncertainty and are having difficulty making choices. Perhaps you long for a deeper relationship with the Divine or have a desire to integrate spirituality into your daily life.

Spiritual direction is about spiritual growth; deepening one's awareness of the Sacred in one's life and a call to live one's life out of that awareness. During these sessions, together we will sit, inviting and welcoming the presence of God, the True Director. I will accompany you, listening deeply for your connection to and communication with Source. I will support your own deep listening and communion with the depth of your heart. Through this work, you will come to discern, align, and take action in your life that is united with your True Nature. From this you will experience greater fruits of Spirit in your life.



Have you wanted to learn to meditate, but questioned where to start? Have you heard about some of the benefits of meditation and have become curious about integrating the practice, but need some guidance to do so?

I offer my experience with meditation to be of service in offering to teach you skills in meditation to meet your needs. I offer instruction in classical meditation practice as well as in Sanskrit mantra japa.

Meditation has now become a practice that is quite popular in the Western world among people from all walks of life. The practice meditation leads one's mind to be stilled and free from stress, supporting increased awareness and improvement of physical and psychological health. It may be thought of as quiet prayer without petition, bringing the body and soul into quiet rest. Through the process, one experiences the fruit of deepening and expanding their sense of presence. Regular practice will promote a sense of calm and control; supporting a general sense of wellbeing, increased energy, concentration and self confidence.

And More

Energetic Healing and Massage Therapy


Is enhancing your general health and well-being important to you? Are you interested in reducing stress? Are you looking to support your healing process with bodywork? Whether you are longing to feel a deep sense of inner calm, interested in exploring the self and healing through your body, or need to loosen some tight muscles and reduce pain, bodywork can be the perfect solution.

Massage therapy and energetic healing are offered to support deep relaxation, accelerate healing the body, mind and spirit and strengthen one's well-being. By balancing the energies of the total person, the body's own natural healing ability is stimulated.

I am a licensed massage and bodywork therapist with over 15 years of experience offering therapeutic massage and energetic healing. As an integrative bodywork therapist, I listen to what you want and need. As you are uniquely you, I meet you where you are at and customize your session accordingly. I believe that physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the self must work in harmony to maintain positive health.

I received my training in massage therapy and total body care through the Aveda Institute. I am classically trained in Swedish as well as deep tissue massage. I have experience working with all ages from young children to the elderly. I also provide pregnancy massage. I continue my studies in ayurveda and utilize ayurvedic oils along with Bhrugu Aranya essential oils.

I have deeply studied energetic healing modalities from a number of perspectives worldwide and participated in a variety of ceremonies and spiritual initiations over the years. I have studied with Michael Mamas and hold certifications from the School for Enlightenment and Healing, WholeLife Integration and in Reiki. I am a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

Sessions are available in 1 hour and 1. 5 hour intervals.

John of God Crystal Healing Bed

Crystal Bed Healing also called Crystal Bath Therapy, which intensely stimulates the body's potential for self-recovery, uses seven exquisitely pure Vogel cut clear-cut quartz crystals to generate color and light therapy to cleanse, clear and raise the vibration of your chakras (also known as energy centers) . This allows for deeper, more subtle energies within the individual to be aligned and brought into balance; igniting and accelerating one's healing process and levels of overall well-being. Because of its positive and beneficial stimulation of the immune system, it is recommended for any case of physical or psychological problems, or for anti-aging result. The vibration helps one manifest higher and higher levels of awareness, harmony and peace. Experiences can range from a sense of deep relaxation to being energized and in some cases, being profoundly moved.

Many people have reported stress reduction, pain relief, emotional blockage clearances, clearer and deeper meditation sessions, physical healing sensations, increased energy and vitality, transformational experiences and spiritual direction. A sense of deep inner peace and serenity, and typically a very deep relaxation may be evoked. One may fall asleep and wake up feeling very refreshed, renewed and energized. Clarity of mind, heightened awareness, insights and the release of specific personal issues and memories may be experienced. One may have sensations of warmth, movement, expansion, cleansing, or a feeling of being touched. Some people feel a sense of a physical healing taking place or of their awareness extending beyond themselves to higher states of consciousness. Each individual is certain to have a unique experience necessary to his or her own improved health.

No matter what the experience, it is advisable for the individual to rest after a crystal bed healing session to fully absorb the experience. It is also advisable to drink several glasses of water over the next several hours to help rid the body of any toxins or waste products which tend to be released through the cleansing action of the crystal healing. It also can be helpful to write down the experiences and guidance which can occur during the healing session, to help integrate and ground the experience into your life.

Sessions are 20, 40, or 60 minutes. Sessions can be had every day if required, however not more than one 60 minute treatment can be had in one day. Initially sessions are of 20 or 40 minute duration for one in average health. This allows one to become accustomed to the effects of the crystal bed healing. Once comfortable, the sessions can be extended.

The number of sessions one has depends on the individual's level of health and their reason for having the crystal bed healing sessions. If someone is very ill, sessions could be as many as two or three times each week until the level of health increases. One then may reduce the frequency to weekly and then monthly and/or on an as needed basis. If an individual is having the crystal bed sessions for a spiritual reason, weekly session are adequate and a longer time per session may be used. Some prefer to come when they feel the need, and others come once a month as preventive care or to help them stay tuned up

Customer Testimonials

Because I have known Nona for almost 20 years I have had the wonder of witnessing the effect her own personal practice has had on her. A sweet saturation has occurred and grown into one of the most attended personal paths i know. And let me tell you this matters! For it is the spring that feeds the well from which her work and gifts emerge.... Alchemy begins as Nona asks you specific questions regarding your inquiry boiling generalities into specifics. Even before you start with Nona she has you begin! For this is what her work is about. Ushering us to the heart of the matter our most sacred inner place, she will entice you to your deepest intent, then aid you in exploring your inquiry by choosing strategically from her wide range of skills and practices . Among Nona's gifts is her ability to be present. This allows her to listen deeply. She is kind and consistent, trustworthy, compassionate, honest, forthright, inquiring and informed. Her integrity is rare in an age where flash and flame are common. Primed with pure intent Nona's humanity has much to offer so enjoy her well of skills and gifts fully. This and all that i have pointed to make her a guide and teacher of high regard!

I highly recommend Nona

Nona helped me to reawaken my passion and creativity. When I first started seeing Nona, I had not been painting for several years. Her encouragement has resulted in a large body of work in watercolor, which I believe documents my growth. Just as important, Nona guided me down the path of passion. I really had no idea what my passion was in life. I now have a greater understanding of it and where I can apply it in my life. I have always been envious of those that could identify their passion and make it their life's work. Nona has taught me to look deep inside and recognize that deep longing that wants to be heard.

On my journey in spiritual development and through learning and practicing meditation, I have noticed personally that I am more aware of myself and the impact I have on the world. Those around me have provided feedback too. Many have noted that I am more present with them.

As I have reflected I've become especially mindful of what a significant and essential role Nona had in my personal growth, healing, and spiritual development. While it has been several years since we last met, I am keenly aware of the profound and positive impact Nona has had in my life. Much as shifted, changed, and improved since I last saw her and I am most grateful that she helped establish the foundation for that positive movement. I thank her for her kindness, presence, openness, and care- and for the fabulous bodywork.

Nona has an intuitive sense of touch and timing. Rather that judging one, she will continually ask of herself and of universal wisdom, Who is this, allowing the revealing of the real self under her touch. She is sensitive to the subtleties of the essence as well as the issues of that individual. With love and understanding her touch is healing. She is scrupulously honest in her search for the truth. Many blessings come to her and through her.

I remember the first time I was in Nona's office. Had I been more aware, I would have known that it marked the beginning of a deep healing journey. A journey that has touched my body, mind, spirit and soul. Nona's gifts are sourced in clarity, compassion, integrity and presence. These gifts have created a profound and powerful healing space that has nurtured and encouraged me to move in directions I barely imagined possible.

You want a Good Rub Nona's an expert masseuse. You want to feel whole? Have the bone aches and muscle aches melt away as your heartaches fade? Nona's a talented energetic healer. She gets you to let her inside you. She's right there with you. You listen to yourself. You begin to heal yourself. She's a talent, an expert, quite something. But if it is soul-ache, a desire for passion, your passion to know yourself in your fuller body, in the greater sense for your forever soul, Nona's blessed with the power of spiritual imagining. You think it's her power, but she's a faith- filled guide. So you come to your power yourself as blessing. Together, you bless.

"Nona brings a deeply quieting presence to her work as a spiritual mentor. In the safety of the space she created, her gentle inquiry and skillful silences served to guide and encourage my exploration of significant spiritual questions I had long held."