We provide several services designed to provide you with the most relaxing and reinvigorating massage experience including: Traditional Thai Massage utilizing deep pressure with passive yoga stretching, Thai Foot reflexology, Thai Herbal Massage andThai Therapeutic Massage. Stop in and try our Thai Aroma message, a fabulous blend of East & West using organic aroma oil! We also provide specialized massage services customized to fit your specific needs! Come in and treat yourself today!

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  City San Jose , CA
  Zip Code 95070
  Address 14501 Big Basin Way
  Phone Number (408) 455-6550

Customer Testimonials

I've been to numerous massages, including several reputable ones in Thailand, and this was by far my most intense experience.

I like the laminated forms you fill out with a magic marker when you first come in, especially the part where you can circle the areas you want your masseuse to concentrate on. For pressure, I chose strong...

I was assigned to Tony. My initial disappointment with getting a dude (I had a bad experience with a lonely planet recommended massage in Saigon), quickly disappeared as I found myself (and my knots) victim to a very expert martial artist masseuse. This guy discovered every knot that ever existed on my back, from large obvious ones to the medium ones that I did not know about to the tiny little ones along the spine. And he expertly handled every single one, without giving up. I was very impressed by his ability to find these things, but moreso, the method of removing these knots - it's like he's been doing this for a lifetime.

His persistence was evidenced by one example of a knot that just wouldn't budge. Using his elbow over and over on the knot, digging and re-applying, and digging and re-applying. When he still couldn't get it out, he would shift positions and use the bone in his forearm. Even when this didn't work, he dipped his hand in the massage oil and started kneading out the knot with his super-human-like strong fingers. It was an epic battle between Tony and my stubborn knots, leaving me having to deal with the unbearable pain that came as a result.

After the knot scenario, this guy made my body perform all sorts of acrobatics in the Thai massage art. What really impressed me is that this wasn't just a by-the-book massage, nothing about it was predictable. In fact, this guy was just an expert who had his own style. I experienced massages, pressure points, and methods that I never have witnessed before, and they were all great.

I can't say much about the other masseuses, but if you want a strong massage, definitely go with Tony.

Amazing!!!! Tony is the best. Authentic Thai massage, only for people who want deep tissue work, this is NOT a lymphatic type massage. They will stretch you, crack you and realign you! It's perfect relaxation.

Thank you Tony....