Sacred Moments Massage is delighted to provide several kinds of sessions for your enjoyment, wellness, and relaxation. There are so many benefits of having massage not only for your aches and pains, but massage is an affordable preventative health care treatment that you can enjoy. Take a moment to think about that.

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  City Augusta , ME
  Zip Code 04330
  Address 161 Town House Road
  Phone Number (207) 621-0075

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I've been having massages for almost a year. My first session was for relaxation more than pain relief. When I first started, I had extreme lower back pain and sciatica from a fall. Carla worked her magic and after even after the first session, I had some relief. With consistent treatment (every three weeks), I can now say that I have no back pain. Also, previously to seeing Carla, I had to take one step at a time when walking up or down steps, as well as holding the handrail. Now, I can walk up and down without any hesitation. My quality of life has vastly improved because of treatments I've received at Sacred Moments. Thank you so much, Carla, for caring and being so good at what you do.

Value for moneyBetter than a shot of cortisone.
Service & supportCarla can work you in if you have an emergency.
QualityCan't be beat.
Overall ratingExcellent