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  City Colorado Springs, CO
  Zip Code 80908
  Address 6835 White Fir Lanes # 4
  Phone Number (719) 884-0346

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Internationally Licensed Russian massage therapist Zhenya Chsheglova (pronounced "Genya") is by trade a nurse-practicioneer. She's spent years helping people at health clinics and children's hospitals. Specializing in easing back and shoulder pain, headaches, stress, arthritis, weight issues, cellulite, asthma, and other health problems, she's always cared for her clients. Zhenya's husband, Christopher, followed in his fathers footsteps of keeping America strong with an entrepreneurial spirit. When they met in the Midwest, he saw in her an incredible spirit that he could not let go.

During this unique experience, both of you will receive a Tension Relief massage from the therapist and your partner as well as learning and practicing massage techniques. Treat your body and mind at the same time with our exclusive guided visualization massage. This deluxe massage melts away your stress while at the same time we help you achieve a better life. Chose from: Stress Release, Positive Image, Wealth Attraction & more. For those in need, this vacation will pamper and relax you with a full body massage along with an foots dream massage utilizing essential oil blends.

For those in need, this super deluxe pedicure works on sore, calloused feet. Our special Russian formulated gel masque and attention to your needs makes this a must have. This Spa pedicure features our Cranberry & Rosemary cooling gel mask for a wonderful foot sensation. This quick treatment includes only the good stuff, milk soak, massage, buttermilk & honey masque and polish. This treatment includes our unique Cranberry & Rosemary masque and paraffin to pamper your hands to perfection. A hot and cold treat!

Check with your doctor if you are on other medications before waxing. Some medications or skincare products or treatments can thin the skin and will cause tearing/scaring if waxed over. Lightly loofah the skin, exfoliate (scrubs) and apply moisturizer. You may take Tylenol, ibuprofen or another pain reliever if your pain threshold is very low. You may take an anti-acid if you experience redness with waxing. Do not tan for 24 hours. Do not use deodorant for 24 hours (if underarms). Do not cover areas just waxed with a liquid makeup.