I am a graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and have been in this field since 1997. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Burlington College in Vermont.

I offer many massage therapies. My style is eclectic, mixing Deep Tissue and Swedish massage with trigger-point and other beneficial modalities and body therapies which I design for each customer depending on their needs and preferences.

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  Person Ramona Cavasin
  City Portsmouth , NH
  Zip Code 03801
  Address 439 Middle Str
  Phone Number (603) 430-2815

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Ramona Cavasin


Products & Services

Deep Tissue/Deep Muscle

Applying specific methods and tools to break up adhesions and restrictions in the soft tissue, this massage helps release chronic tension which may have developed from injury or overuse. Techniques involve press release, muscle release, trigger-point therapy and cross-fiber friction.

Pregnancy Massage

Using a unique massage table that lets the expectant mother to lie face down safely and comfortably on her stomach, this massage alleviates a lot of the common discomforts connected with pregnancy. It also lowers tension and stress, creating a feeling of overall well being.

Scar Tissue Release Therapy

A simple scar from childhood to a big scar from surgery as an adult can have a deep physiological effect on the body. I use a scar tissue release system that approaches the multi faceted matrix of fascia three dimensionally. This special technique helps to release and realign the adhered tissues (fascial restrictions) .

It works by lengthening the superficial to deep layers of fascia, breaking down adhesions and increasing lymphatic and venous circulation to the tissue.