Established in 1993 in a tiny one room office, Professional Therapeutic Massage has since grown to a team of six skilled massage therapists, each with their own specialty. Our office is conveniently situated in the heart of Colchester in the CVS Plaza. We are on the second floor of the Peoples Bank building, which is accessible by elevator.

Contact Details

  City Colchester, CT
  Zip Code 06415
  Address 139 South Main Strt
  Phone Number (860) 537-1915

From Our Website

We do a thorough intake on your first session and then talk with you before each and every session to find out what your unique needs are that day. Whether you choose Swedish, Custom, Sports, or Deep Tissue, we want every session to be exactly what you need. Massage is one of the oldest forms of Medicine. In recent years, as people have started searching for healthier and more holistic ways to deal with common ailments, massage has come into the forefront as an initial treatment option for many issues.

We believe that 3 sessions will give you a really good idea of how effective massage can be at improving the way you feel (especially decreasing chronic pain). You will also have the opportunity to try 3 different therapists, or start to build a relationship with 1 therapist that you really like. We know from experience that a high percentage of people who try our services more than once become regular clients. We are willing to take the risk of offering an introductory rate so you can see for yourself what is different about the team of therapists at PTM.

Your massage therapist will then ask you some general questions since there are conditions for which massage is not appropriate. Your therapist will also ask if there are any areas that you would like extra attention on, such as your upper back and neck if you have headaches, or if there are any areas that you would not like worked on, such as your feet if you are ticklish. For a full body massage, you can choose between undressing to your comfort level or wearing your underwear. Your massage therapist will give you privacy to undress, and you will be fully draped throughout your session except for the area being worked on.