OPAL CENTER FOR MASSAGE & ALLIED THERAPIES is a center designed solely to provide licensed therapeutic bodywork. This is our aim, and our focus ensures that the bodywork therapies we provide are consistently of the best quality. THROUGH A RIGOROUS SELECTION PROCESS we currently have assembled a uniquely qualified staff of specialists, all committed to exploring the healing potential of bodywork.

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  City Brooklyn, NY
  Zip Code 11217
  Address 158 Fifth Ave
  Phone Number (718) 857-6183

From Our Website

This is our mission, and our focus ensures that the bodywork therapies we offer are consistently of the highest quality. Instead, we are committed to tailoring each session individually, using certain tools and modalities that so greatly enhance therapeutic massage that they are indispensable to transformative bodywork. Consists of the application of gentle touch to balance and decompress the craniosacral system. Working with the premise that spinal fluid is in constant motion, the practitioner tunes into the rhythmic flow and applies slow, gentle holds and subtle, precise movements to the skull, pelvis, and major joints of the body.

Opal began in the summer of 2000 when two young, energetic massage therapists named Sarah and Sherry dreamed of creating a healing center devoted entirely to bodywork. Opal was born of the desire to ground our work in a physical space that provided the tools and atmosphere necessary to provide the most transformative massage experience possible. It consisted of two treatment rooms, a bathroom, and a bench. Back then we did everything ourselves-designed brochures, scrubbed the floors, answered the phones, did the laundry.

At Opal, we believe that pregnancy presents one of the best reasons in life to choose to receive regular massage. It relaxes the mother, keeps her in touch with the changes in her body, provides relief from some of the discomfort those changes may bring, and provides a nurturing, celebratory aspect to the experience of carrying a baby. We have chosen the cushions over tables with cut-outs because we find them more flexible when adjusting to different bodies. Our full-length body pillows are of the highest quality and we have all the cushioning you need to make yourself comfortable.