At Natural Body Works, we provide a huge range of treatments and services, from the ultimate in spa relaxation, to the most invigorating deep tissue and sports massage, to fascinating and mind-opening energy treatments and workshops. Our therapists have an average of 8 years of professional body work experience.

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  City Kingston, MA
  Zip Code 02364
  Address 161 Summer St
  Phone Number (781) 585-5130

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Natural Body Works Healing Center has been in business in the same location for over 25 years, and is the first and foremost established healing center on the South Shore. At Natural Body Works we believe it is within every person's absolute capability to feel healthy, comfortable, balanced and peaceful - at all times! Our Massage: Natural Body Works massage therapists and energy work practitioners have been trained to see the "why" behind the symptoms of restriction, tension and pain in the body.

Past-Life Regression A Journey into the Memories of Your Soul Past-life regression is relaxing, fascinating, fun, enlightening & healing. I have been using this technique in my own personal healing journey since 1999. At that time I was in traditional. What are Diane Jordan's segments, More Comfort Mondays all about. Diane Jordan, owner of Natural Body Works Healing Center in Kingston has been providing complimentary care in muscular therapy massage, reflexology, hypnosis and energy healing at.

Pre-event Sports Massage is designed to enhance your athletic performance. This treatment increases blood and nutrient flow to muscle tissue, frees restrictions in muscles and joints, helps to ensure your stamina by increasing oxygenation of muscle tissue, and presents an opportunity to identity areas of the body which may be prone to future injury. Pre-event massage should be provided 48 to no less than 24 hours pre event. However, regular maintenance massage should always be part of your training regimens.

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a very effective hands-on technique used to release fascial restrictions which typically do not respond to traditional massage techniques. MFR is comprised of sustained pressure along with gentle sliding through an area of Myofascial restriction until the tissue begins to stretch and release. MFR helps to eliminate pain and restore motion that has been lost over time due to injuries, chronic tension, and habitually poor postures. Many clients find the combination of MFR with Swedish Massage much more relaxing than Swedish Massage by itself.