Our Signature massage draws on your therapist's array of skills to customize the perfect session for you. At Myo, our passion is massage. Whether you're searching for a quick chair massage, a relaxing treat, or a solution to your chronic pain, you can rely on us for quality massage.

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  City Austin, TX
  Zip Code 78702
  Address 1601 East Fifth Str # 107
  Phone Number (512) 472-4696

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We offer the whole package, integrating pain relief, mobility, and strength. Our community of skilled therapists, acupuncturists, and teachers are dedicated to helping you achieve meaningful, lasting results. Myo is an Austin-grown massage, movement and yoga studio specializing in pain management, injury recovery, and better quality of movement. We offer therapeutic and clinical massage like deep tissue, sports massage, and lymphatic drainage; acupuncture and cupping; and stretching and yoga therapies.

Myo was founded in 2006 by Catherine Collett and Levi Cory as Austin's first quality-driven massage studio specializing in Pain Management and deep tissue massage. As practicing therapists ourselves, our vision was to raise the standard for therapeutic massage in Austin, by gathering and nurturing a community of the best massage therapists. In 2018, we added therapeutic movement to the equation with the goal of supporting our clients to make lasting changes. Just like our massage therapists, our instructors have exceptional skill, knowledge, and experience working with clinical cases like injuries and chronic pain.

Our therapeutic massage category includes techniques designed to address musculoskeletal concerns, like back pain, muscle tension, injuries, overuse syndromes, tendonitis, and chronic stress. All our therapists have training in one or more advanced therapeutic modalities and will be able to address specific concerns, but some techniques are more suited to particular issues than others. If you are dealing with chronic pain or injuries, consider Pain Management, and for specialty techniques for other specific concerns, take a look at our specialty massage services.

You can't be where you want to be without starting where you are. Our programs are designed to meet you where you are and give you the foundation to grow and explore from there. These classes introduce you to new techniques and give you the core skills you need to build your movement practice sustainably and without injury. AIS is a simple but profound system of myofascial stretching with applications in physical therapy, pain management, and athletic performance. It is used by many professional athletes to improve recovery, prevent injury and enhance optimal range of motion.