Ayurveda Massage and Bodywork hands on training - NCBTMB approved provider number - 451288-10

Event 1: Phoenix, Sedona - Arizona
Ayurveda Massage and Bodywork hands on training - ASIS massage school - 5 Day class,
Date: July 3 - 7th 2010. Cost - $ 650.00 per class Class includes - 35 CE hours

Event 2: Denver Colorado
Ayurveda Massage and Bodywork hands on training - 3 day class
Date: July 9, 10 11th 2010 Cost: $ 350 - 24 CE Hours

Event 3: North carolina - Asheville
Ayurvedic Massage and Bodywork Training - 3 day class
Date: July 16,17,18th 2010 Cost : $ 350 - 24 CE hours

Event 4: Big island - Hawaii
Ayurveda Massage and Bodywork hands on training - 3 Day class
Date : July 23 ,24 25th 2010. Cost - $ 350.00 per class Class includes - 24 CE hours

Certificate of completion, Instructional booklet on how to on the treatments.
Contact Phone number : 408-982-9113
Email : mookshausa@gmail.com
Contact person : Anitha Mohanasundaram
Website :www.mooksha.com and www.hotdishes.net/ayurveda
Videos of the event on You tube :
Abhyangam - Ayurveda Body Massage - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5o8A_4IgJ0
Shirodhara - Ayurveda 3rd Eye Treatment - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI-gu2hxuJA

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old wisdom passed down from sages and has its origin from the asian subcontinent. Ayurvedic way of life is being one with your self. It is said that our thought is the most fastest travelled of any in the world ,, and it is the thoughts that we need to control for the betterment of life We are here to share about our life force ayurveda - meaning way of life in sanskrit.

Our teachers or my Gurus they share everything that they have learned traditionally from their guru;s . They are doctors of the modern world but practising ayurveda in the authentic way.
Workshop designed for :
This workshop is designed for massage therapists and body work providers , Yoga instructors, Holistic wellness and healers who share their interest in holistic approach and in deepening their understanding of the therapeutic relationship through the art of developing their inner healing and thereby also understanding the clients needs to heal.

About the Workshop :
An introduction to the different therapies in Ayurveda , The depth of ayurvedic medicine, introduction to herbs , Hands on training to the different therapies and wellness.
11 Authentic Ayurvedic Therapies
Leading this journey of hands on Body work therapies,the instructor would explain you how theses authentic treatments which leads us to physiological and cellular cleansing, purification regeneration and rejuvenation.
Ayurvedic massage and Bodywork therapies helps your body detoxify gently and develops a sense of calmness and relaxation throughout the body both at the physiological and psychological aspects.
You will learn about Ayurvedic Skin and beauty treatments , stress management therapies
Different aspects of massage and body work which encompasses the variety of different marma points, and cleansing of our subtle energy channels called the nadi's
The usage of our potent herbal oils with its intelligence of its own and its healing .
Every treatment regime is different from the other this class would help you design a treatment regime and will help you determine which therapy will be well suited for your client.
The usage of Herbal powders with potent herbal oils for skin conditions and beautification
Hot treatments like swedhana for detoxifying and help to bring balance to our bodies with use of herbs.
Some researches show that around 80 % of chronic conditions are brought in by improper lifestyle and improper stress management and our clinical practices have shown with a proper regime of therapies you could bring in a balance in ourself and others.
These treatments are geared towards allowing our bodies to gently detoxify and bring in a sense of calmness and relaxation.
How food can be your medicine , simple lifestyle changes can bring in wellness.
You will give and receive some of the below treatments.

Therapies you will learn :
Hands on training on the different healing methods.
Abhayanga ( Authentic Ayurveda massage therapy).
Mukha Lepam ( Authentic ayurvedic Facial usage of saffron oil along with herbal paste ).
Mukha Swedanam ( Hot steam treatment before the facial for your face).
Mukha Abhayanga ( Ayurvedic Facial Massage).
Udvarthanam ( Scrub with herbal powders for skin conditions).
Utsadanam ( Beautification treatment like a wrap for the whole body with herbal oils and herbal powders).
Shirovasthi ( warm herbal oil treatment for headaches, and stress management).
Shirodhara ( warm herbal oil will be poured on the forehead brings great deal of relaxation and awareness).
Nasya ( cleansing your sinus and clears the mind , administration of herbal oil through nose).
Kizhi ( Massaging the body with a bundle of herbal powders with warm herbal oil to sooth the nerves relieves back aches and pain in the body).
Pichu ( Warm herbal oil treatment on the head that relieves any stress or tension in the head).

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