At Massage Worx & Wellness, we're dedicated to assisting you reach and maintain optimum health. The primary way we do this is by reducing stress and chronic pain through massage. You possibly know that stress affects all of us. It is part of our everyday life and most of us cannot eliminate it totally. What you may not know, however, is that stress is a significant factor in many illnesses.

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  City Louisville, KY
  Zip Code 40214
  Address 5542 New Cut Road
  Phone Number (502) 409-7143

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The Governor has given us permission to open our office on May 25th under specific restrictions. Many of these restrictions are procedures that we have always implemented and will continue to do so, to prevent contracting and spreading flu and other viruses. It is important for our clients to understand that fear compromises the immune system. One of our goals is to help clients reduce stress, thereby improving the immune system. We know that several of you probably still have concerns about this virus and if that is the case, we ask that you wait until you are more comfortable being in public before you schedule with us.

We are so excited to announce the opening of the Kentucky Institute of Massage and Integrated Manual Therapy. We have been wanting to expand in this direction for years now and we finally have the space. We hope that this will allow prospective students to have options of Massage Therapy training without the commute to Louisville or Lexington. Students will have the benefit of small class sizes in order to allow for more specified training. Class hours will allow students with busy schedules to participate as we will offer morning, afternoon and evening classes and we try to schedule our calendar to coincide with local school systems for students with school-age children.