Do you need relief from pain, stress, or tension? Therapeutic massage and myofascial release from Massage Werks may be right for you! Many people carry pain in their bodies that doctors give labels to, but don't really have answers for. Plantar Fasciitis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and severe headaches are among several of the conditions that can benefit greatly from the specialized treatment that myofascial release offers.

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Many of life's routines cause us to do repetitive body motions. Sitting at a computer or desk all day, driving, carrying children and purses, and even exercising can all cause muscular tension that over time can build up to the point of relentless pain. While our bodies are amazing in their ability to accomplish diverse tasks, they are not meant to move in the same way, all the time, every day. When that happens, we get "random" pain. Muscles and fascia lock up in the body and create neck pain, "pinched nerves", headaches, backaches, and general soreness.

There are many different techniques and styles of bodywork. Generally speaking, they all involve using touch to reduce stress and pain and to improve health. I personalize my service to you by listening to you — both what you say to me, and what I can intuitively "read" from your body — to determine what method will offer the most benefit to you.