Massage Maui is a Salon in Maui, Kihei, Hawaii. Discover our place, our unique Hawaiian line of Products. And enjoy the finest professional Massage on the island.

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  City Kihei, HI
  Zip Code 96753
  Address 145 North Kihei Road
  Phone Number (808) 874-8799

From Our Website

Massage Maui is dedicated to make your stay in paradise relaxing, peacefull and regenerating. Come visit our new spa on the northshore of Maui in the charming little surf town of Paia. The Living Spa offers great therapists, acupuncture, live musician to play harp during your treatment (for an extra $50), showers, large facilities in an amazing moroccan decor with gorgeous colors. Beautiful garden setting where you can get an outdoor massage or cliffside overlooking a world famous northshore surf break.

We are a therapist's therapist and specialize in therapeutic massage. Our regular clientele consist of world-class athletes such as Olympiads, Tour de France cyclists, Triathletes, Iron Me, water sportsmen engaged in windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, canoe paddlers, and big wave surfers. Lisa Berthuot has practiced massage on Maui for over 10 years and began her career as a massage therapist in Australia since 1994. Her massage educational background is in structural integration, also known as Rolfing.

This is for beginners with mouvement enough for those who are more intermediate practitioners. We can work with you individually, despite your level. The important thing to remember is that is a class. If you knew what you were doing or were very flexible, you might not even be here. It's all about learning and breathing, basically. We provide mats, ties and blocks for you. All you need is some comfortable clothing that is form-fitting and won't interrupt your flow. We can accommodate up to 14 in a class so if there is a larger group, we may divide you up into 2 classes or perhaps take the class out to the beach.

It involves more stretching and joint rotation. We work with compression and elongation. Great for pre and post racing or other rigorous forms of workout. We work with many athletes from many fields and like to think of ourselves as specialists. What can we tell you, fancy foot massage. We rub the heck out of your tired, old paws and not only does it feel like you leave the planet but its great for all your organs and, everything, pretty much. Traditional mat and fully clothed (two hour treatment, ) or modified table format (one hour is enough.)