Frozen shoulder or rotator cuff injury? Can't slow your mind down or get a nice night's sleep? If you can relate to any of these, massage can assist. Stress is public enemy number one for most illnesses and injuries and massage can send stress packing! Massage can assist you remember what it feels like to not be in pain or fatigued. Massage is not selfish nor is it only for pampering yourself on vacation.

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  City Spencerport, NY
  Zip Code 14559
  Address 12 Amity Street
  Phone Number (585) 349-0030

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In fact just the thought of getting a massage could make you even more stressed than you already are! The picture above is of my very own massage room and what you'll see when you come in for an appointment. After a brief bit of paperwork that you fill out to let me know what health issues you may have, we will have a bit of time to talk about the massage and any concerns you might have. For your massage appointment, you are welcome to leave on whatever you would like during the massage. The table is the size of a twin bed complete with comfy sheets.