Our facility focuses on the entire well being of the body. We will assist you become pain free and teach you how to maintain a long, active and healthy life. If you suffer from any of the symptoms of postural weakness below, Kroner Chiropractic's Spinal and Postural Rehabilitative Program is probably your answer.

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  City Yakima, WA
  Zip Code 98908
  Address 1008 South 40th Avenue
  Phone Number (509) 972-4000

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Complimentary Insurance Verification for Chiropractic coverage - Bring your insurance card with you on your first visit (or when you receive a new card) and our front desk staff will gladly call and inquire about your coverage. Complimentary Insurance Billing - Our dedicated staff will bill your office visits to your insurance company for you. In House Radiology - If Dr. Kroner determines that a picture of your spine is necessary he will be able to perform the x-ray in his office. Spinal Therapy/Rehab - Dr. Kroner will formulate a specific care, exercise and rehabilitation program focused on your specific needs.

Massage therapy is a very useful modality and a service that we provide to our clients in Yakima, WA. Over the last 20 years, a great deal of scientific research has been done on the benefits of massage therapy. We've collected some of these studies to help you understand your health condition and how massage might be able to help. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our licensed therapists, give our office a call today at (509) 972-4000. Massage therapy has been found to be effective for alleviating other types of pain, as well.

Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of staying healthy, but did you know that it is also an important part of healing? Watch our videos in the playlist below to learn some helpful exercises, or browse our articles to learn more about how exercise can be an important part of your recovery strategy, and help keep you healthy day-to-day. Remember to consult with your chiropractor or healthcare provider before starting a new exercise routine. Performing exercises incorrectly or while you are still injured can make matters worse, so it's important you only do the exercises approved by your healthcare provider, and within your own comfort zone!