Hello and welcome to the Jubilee Massage website! Taking care of your body is essential - it's the only one you've got! Massage offers so many benefits for your health and well-being. As an extention of our massage studio, this site is a nice resource for articles and information for keeping healthy as well as feeling and looking your finest.

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Maximizing stress reduction and healing incorporating what each individual needs. What is Lymph Drainage Massage and Why Do I Need It? LDM uses external massage strokes to move fluids out of body tissues and into the lymphatic system. LDM mimics the lymphatic system, employing repetitive strokes at a precise speed, rhythm, and pressure. LDM stimulates the immune system and into the lymphatic vessels, where it is transported through the lymph nodes and purified by lymphocytes. If you have any major health issues, feel free to consult your physician before getting LDM.

Our vision is to see people restored to good health and rehabilitation through therapeutic massage. As a Certified Massage Therapist, Don will make a commitment to YOU, to give you the best massage possible. Complete restoration of body, mind and spirit only come through knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord because He is the best therapeutic experience!