If you are seeking more vibrant health and more meaning in life, and want to avoid invasive Western medical drugs and procedures, then you are our kind of person. Let's talk by phone or Skype and see what is the best approach for you. We can work intensively when you visit with us in Hawaii, and we can also provide ongoing optimization of your Accelerated Self-Healing process while you are at home or on the road... Either way, it will be a pleasure working with you, and an honor being on your healing and wellness team! Aloha until we speak...

Contact Details

  City Hilo, HI
  Zip Code 96720
  Address 351 Wailuku Drive
  Phone Number (808) 217-9647

Customer Testimonials

I just can't thank you enough for saving me (again). It's truly a miracle that I found you or that God delivered me to your door. To have my health returning is priceless. I have purpose helping people again. I am so grateful to you and to God and to life. To go from feeling rotten desperate and purging to better everyday is a huge improvement. Your clarity is so bright.