Reiki pronounced ray-key is fairly new to the West but is an ancient healing system. Reiki means universal life energy and is a hands-on practice used to manipulate the energy fields which flow within and around every one of us. The energy flows through the practitioner's arms and hands and into the cells of the person receiving the treatment. Reiki is noninvasive, gentle and safe.

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Massage can bring relaxation and relief. It is a healing time-out from all the demands of your life. Athletes (recreational or professional) can improve performance and recover more quickly from stress, tightness, and injuries resulting from training. A deep-tissue massage will help relieve your muscles and tissues of toxins, heal your body, and rejuvenate your spirits. Shorter recovery time and quicker healing bring about more effective training and improved performance. Very often our bodies have pain such as neck aches, headaches, pain and numbness in hands and wrists, and low back pain.

Good massage therapists can be difficult to find, often work alone, and usually need over a week's lead time to get an appointment. HTM is changing this. HTM attracts only the best therapists. We coordinate our schedules so that if you need an appointment quickly, there will be someone available. Our mission statement says that "we few shall form a multitude." In other words, we believe that by working together we can provide much fuller, supportive services than we could if we worked by ourselves.

Dale feels that chiropractic is a means of rebooting or jump starting areas of interference within the electrical nervous system stemming from the brain, through the spinal cord and parts of the peripheral nerve roots. The vibration from the manipulation sends a signal to the motherboard brain and back down to the site of trouble to restore and reset the aberrant signals causing pain or weakness. Dale has been providing chiropractic services for over 30 years. Call 978-582-4028 to get information or make an appointment.

On-site massage is provided at the workplace. It takes place with the client is fully clothed and no oil is needed. The average session lasts approximately 15 minutes and is given either in a chair especially designed for this purpose or on a massage table. The practitioner usually treats the head, neck, shoulders back arms and hands and the massage can be adapted for people with physical challenges. This work is beneficial for people who perform repetitive tasks at their jobs, such as, working on the computer, answering phones, or working in assembly.

Bethany Stehlik graduated from Umass Lowell with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology and minors in Psychology and Nutrition. She completed her massage therapy licensure at the Salter School in Tewksbury, MA and has been working in the massage field since. She is currently a member of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. Bethany specializes in clinical and sports massage, deep tissue work, and injury prevention, rehabilitation and Graston Technique. She includes stretching with soft tissue work in her treatment sessions.

To help put you at ease for a most relaxing, rejuvenating experience. When you come to HTM for your first massage, please arrive five to ten minutes early to fill out a brief medical history questionnaire. This will inform the therapist of your history while saving valuable table time. The therapist will greet you in the client waiting room and take you to the treatment room. There, he/she will go over your medical history. She will then design and discuss the kind of treatment she will give you.

Linda is a knowledgeable and compassionate massage therapist. She has a firm but gentle touch that hones in on the trouble spots. Many of her clients say that she puts them at ease and seems to know just where to go with her intuitive, warm hands to renew, restore and relax them. Linda uses a variety of modalities in her sessions depending on the needs of her client. These may include myofacial, sports, CFTE, therapeutic, neuromuscular and trigger point. Her clients say "Don't wait---it feels great!"

Kim retired from her 24 year massage therapy practice in July 2017. She is still involved in the business end of HTM and urges you to avail yourself to the phenomenal hands of the other therapists.