Our gift to our customers is to educate each one in ways they can maintain that feel nice feeling long after they have left Hands On Healing. Do you know what your puzzle pieces are? When you do you'll have the tools to keep the tension and pain at bay. Often more than one type is used in a single session. We provide a huge veriety of Spa Treatments.

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  City Stockton, CA
  Zip Code 95204
  Address 645 West Harding Wy # 7
  Phone Number (209) 463-7706

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Hands on Healing focuses on helping the body heal itself naturally. Each Therapist has their own special touch and their differences complement each other's work. We are proud to say we have been highly trained in all our treatments and use the purest products available. You are sure to find what you're looking for and what your body needs. Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic drainage and Acupressure Many or all may be used in a single session. Basic health care begins with the choice to take care of your body.

Packages are best booked by calling into the office as there is a lot that goes into a single package. It prepares the body for the massage. You enter your massage room completely relaxed and ready to let go of all your tension and stress. Detoxification is as essential to well-being as a healthy diet and exercise. Living well means purifying the body of toxins that come to us through the food we eat, the things we touch and the air we breath as well as internal toxins resulting from our digestive and metabolic processes.