Founded by Robert Gracey, MAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM), LAc, Gracey Holistic Health has two clinics located in Belmont and Brookline, MA.

Gracey is a general practitioner who treats a wide range of conditions including back, shoulder and neck pain, migraine headaches, ear infections, allergies, indigestion, psoriasis, infertility, anxiety, weight loss and many others.

Robert has studied in Japan as well as the U.S. to become one of the leading experts and practitioners in non-insertive methods of Japanese acupuncture. In fact, he is one of only five instructors in the United States to gain teacher's certification from Shakuju-kai, the Japan-based educational association responsible for teaching Shakuju Therapy. Robert also teaches Japanese acupuncture at NESA.

In addition to acupuncture, a treatment at Gracey Holistic Health can include musculoskeletal rebalancing, essential oils, moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, magnetic therapy, homeopathy and lifestyle coaching.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Acupuncture, Non-Insertive Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Homeopathy, Musculoskeletal Rebalancing
  • Essential Oils, Auricular Acupuncture, Magnetic Therapy, Lifestyle Coaching, Zero Balancing

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Master of Acupuncture degree from the New England School of Acupuncture
  • Shakuju Association of North America (SANA)
  • National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • American Acupuncture Council
  • North American Journal of Oriental Medicine
  • Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts

Serviced Areas

  • Brookline, Brookline Village, Newton, Allston, Brighton, Boston, Belmont, Arlington, Cambridge, Needham, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain

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  • American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, JCB, UnionPay

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  Person Robert Gracey
  City Brookline, MA
  Zip Code 02445
  Address 320 Washington Street, Suite 402
  Phone Number (617) 549-1196

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Robert Gracey


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Non-insertive acupuncture is the cornerstone of my practice because, in my experience, it most effectively targets the root causes, rather than simply treating symptoms.

With this style of acupuncture, the needle is applied gently to the surface of the skin, giving a slight tickling or brushing sensation. It is designed to not break the skin. Due to its non-invasive style, it provides a number of benefits:

Results-oriented with minimal stimulation
Good for anyone, including:
o Those uncomfortable with needles, such as children
o Elderly patients
o Those weakened by chronic conditions

Shakuju Therapy is by far the most effective form of acupuncture I have encountered in my 14 years of experience, and is the foundation of all my treatments.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

I teach my patients how to live healthier, happier, more balanced lives.

In conjunction with acupuncture treatments, I encourage my patients to practice healthy habits targeted to their unique physical and psychological ailments and challenges.

This can include:

Dietary consultations
Relaxation and mindfulness techniques
Fitness exercises
Stretching techniques

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I've had the privilege of knowing Robert both on a personal and a professional level for several years now. He's a kind, amiable person, easy to get along with and he definitely is a highly trained acupuncturist. I've worked with Robert for various issues from elbow pain to back discomfort. Lately I've been seeing him for knee pain. The results of his treatments are always great and I'm comfortable putting myself in his very capable hands.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I've been going to Gracey Holistic Health for c. 2 months now, and have experienced tremendous improvement in the issues for which I've been going. Robert often uses a non-insertive technique, and when he uses insertive needles, they are the finer, Japanese type, and not very many. I am continually amazed and pleased at how effective this minimalist technique has been. Furthermore, Robert is very knowledgeable, not only about acupuncture, but also diet and exercise, and he's a very gentle soul. I highly recommend him.

I've known Robert for years and find his consistent level of attention to detail, compassion and curiosity refreshing. His form of acupuncture is painless. He also looks at the bigger picture of what impacts our health - stress, lifestyle, diet, western treatments and medications and forms a complete sense of a person. He treats the whole person and not just the ailment. In addition he has a good sense of humor.

I go to his Brookline location. No matter mornings or evenings I can always find street parking within a block of his office. I can also take the D line to the Brookline Village stop and walk just 3 blocks. The office is clean. There is elevator access to his floor.

I had major surgery at the end of 2012 and during my recovery I developed progressively more and more upper and mid back pain. I did have a number of other bothersome areas, but my focus because of my back pain was dominating my overall discomfort. A friend of mine had been treated by Robert and repeatedly mentioned how he had significantly reduced his chronic back pain through acupuncture. By the end of March I had enough, and decided to make an appointment. At first I was treated once a week and I noticed a difference after just the second week. Although I was focused on my back pain Robert was clearly assessing and treating my entire body condition. Over the next few weeks I continued to see improvements overall and was very pleased with the results. There was one small area of my mid back which persisted in generating focused pain. On my next visit Robert suggested "cupping" that area. I didn't really know what cupping was but I trusted his judgement so I told him to go ahead. In less than a week it "dramatically" decreased the pain in that area and with continued acupuncture treatments it is virtually gone. Over all I now feel better than before my surgery and I continue to be treated by Robert at ever decreasing intervals. From my perspective the results speaks volumes, Robert is great and I highly recommend him.

Robert has helped me with an array of issues including a strained psoas muscle, asthma, allergies, stress and total balance of mind and body.

Robert has a vast variety of skills and techniques that have helped me tremendously. I appreciate his extensive knowledge of the muscle and skeletal structure of the body. His skills and knowledge have prevented me from potential surgery and the need to take medication.

The stress relief benefit makes it much easier to focus on the big picture and ultimately lead to more success.

Also, I have had both of my daughters treated by Robert for anxiety, which yielded positive results as well.

I had pain all over, especially in my left knee. He not only treated me for pain, but treated me for the bodily held trauma that resulted from the accident.

Robert used a combination of moxa and a non-insertive needling technique. He was extremely supportive with lifestyle and nutrition counseling. I was going on an extended trip while being treated, and he applied Kinesio tape to my knee for extra support while on vacation, and taught me additional things to do to help me have the best time I possibly could.

I highly recommend Robert as a knowledgeable and deeply caring practitioner.

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As an acupuncturistand holistic medical practitioner, I offer compassionate, comprehensive, and empowering healthcare. I can effectively help treat most conditions, from migraines and back pain to infertility and musculoskeletal issues. I am 1 of only 8 people outside of Japan certified to teach Shakuju Therapy, a gentle non-insertive style of acupuncture that does not break the skin. I also offer traditional acupuncture services with an array of approaches and insertive techniques. To promote long-term results, I use a wide range of modalities that enhance the therapeutic effects of acupuncture.

Please find below a list of locations that we commonly find patients travel from to one of our Massachusetts clinics. Whether or not your town is on the list, please give us a call to learn how we can help you.