Geri Costanza MassageWorks. is a premier supplier of professional massage serving the Marblehead, North Shore, and greater Boston areas. Geri Costanza Massage: an original, therapeutic massage technique I have developed over time that realigns your muscles to a strengthen and preserve the integrity of the skeletal structure they support and direct, and b reestablish and enhance fluid movement.

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  City Marblehead, MA
  Zip Code 01945
  Address 24 Bessom St
  Phone Number (781) 631-4030

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My treatments are a unique blend of Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Esalin, Neuromuscular re-education, Sotai, Pressure point, myofascial, drawing, sculpture, science, experimenting on myself & my trusting/brave clients/friends, researching questions, & other eastern & western health & wellness practices. I teach my clients how to listen to their muscles and treat them with stretching, heat, cold and hydrotherapy as well as educating them on how to reduce muscle tension. Pressure varies appropriately according to symptoms, clients' purpose & comfort.