Most everyone knows massage is great for easing tension, promoting relaxation, and for general well-being. At FTS Therapeutic Massage, our customers come to us to resolve the muscular tension and reduce the pain associated with chronic and acute problems, increase joint array of motion and to speed healing after injury or surgery.

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  City Iowa City, IA
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By utilizing orthopedic assessment and physical therapy evaluation techniques, a customized manual therapy session specific to your needs is performed. Techniques utilized during this session can include, but are not limited to, trigger point therapy (non-injectable), myofascial release, passive and assisted stretching, and massage. An advanced form of massage, targeting the lymphatic system to help remove congestion and facilitate the drainage of lymph. This technique is very effective in reducing edema (swelling) following surgery or injury.

Therapist's styles can vary greatly, as well as the consumers expectations. The following are answers to questions most people ask when they are contacting a therapist for the first time. These will give you a better understanding of what to expect during my sessions and hopefully, an idea of what I try to accomplish with each client. Every session is custom and tailored to meet the needs and wants of each individual. The questions have been carefully chosen and are pertinent to a safe and effective treatment.