Known as the "traditional" massage, and considered to be one of the most common types of massage. It was developed in the 1820's by a swedish doctor. Swedish massage uses many relaxing and calming techniques such as: kneading, Long gliding strokes, percussive, shaking motions, and vibrating techniques. It is used primarily for full body sessions, and promotes phenomenal relaxation. It affects the nerves, glands, muscles, circulation, and promotes health and well being.

~Deep Tissue~
This modality is intended to reach deep portions of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibers. The muscles need to be warmed up before begining to apply deep work. Techniques that are used, are deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle. The purpose is to unstick the fibers of the muscles, and release both toxins and deeply held patterns of tension.

Developed from the Esalen Institute in California. Esalen massage is a variation of swedish massage, although there are many differences. Esalen focuses on the body as a whole. With the theory that touch is not just a benefit, but a need for the body; esalen massage is said to be a phenomenal relaxation experience.

~Trigger Point~
Trigger points are small adhesions in throughout the body that are main causes of pain. You may know adhesions as "knots." Balled up muscle tissue, that needs to be reformed. Once i find the trigger point i am able to determine how to work it out through pressure points that mimick accupressure.

This is an accupressure type technique that is performed on the hands and feet. It is based on the ancient oriental theory that meridian lines or pathways carry itself throughout the body. Because each zone or part of the body has a corresponding reflex point on the feet, stimulating that refelx point causes stimulation in the natural energy of the related organ. I then apply an appropriate amount of pressure, when i locate congested areas that need to be worked out.

An interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and gentle pressure along the energy lines. I like to best describe the stretching as a mimick of the yoga positions. Thai is beneficial in freeing muscular and joint tension, and improves flexabilty.

A form of release therapy, that is goes hand in hand with deep tissue work. The release works by the manipulation of the fascia that connects and surrounds the muscles. Because the fascia is body-wide, a tension or trauma in one part of the body can affect other areas of the body.

~Light Touch~
Using a nickel weights pressure, this modality uses long strokes, short strokes, and fast and slow strokes. This benefits circulation in the body.

~Sports Massage~
A special form of massage that is typically used before during and after athletic events to prepare the athlete for exceptional performance. This will help to drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, to promote flexability, and prevent injury.

~On site/ Chair~
You are massaged fully clothed in a massage chair designed to relax you. There is no minimun amount of minutes for a chair massage. This is great to have me come out to your special events!

Prior to the session is a verbal intake in which we can customize a massage to fit your needs using one, two or all of the ethical modalities that I am certified to performed.

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I graduated with a degree in massage therapy in 2007.
Since, I have continued my education reaching over 700 hours of hands on training. I am certified and extremely knowledable in many different modalities. I also have a profound understanding of the body's anatomy, and function of almost all of the muscles and bones. This creates for a better intuitive massage. I believe that you can never really stop learning in this feild, the more knowledge the better the massage!

I am dedicated to listening to the customers needs, and goals of the massage. By understanding what the client expects out of the massage, I am able to customize a massage to fit your individual needs. Everyone is different and unique in their own way, and that is why I am excited to provide each customer a unique and individualized session. I've realized that too many people believe that massage is a luxory, when it is really a beneficial treatment that should be applied to everyone's health & wellness.

I am 22 years old, and have a strong passion for life! I enjoy going to museums, water activities, dancing, playing violin & piano, traveling, and trivia games at local bars. I come from a black, white, and puerto rican descent which enriches much culture in my life. I always maintain a professional demeanor, with a friendly yet outgoing vibe. Assuring that our first session, and every ongoing session will be comfortable & relaxing.

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After seeing several of her ads, and tension building up in my muscles, I decided to give her massage a try. It was affordable for the hour session, and i really appreciated the fact that my time did not start until she began to massage (that extra 10 minutes most therapists take out make a heck of a difference!) Overall the massage was phenomenal, not just a body rub, she really knew what she was doing. I will return, thank you.

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Service & support
LocationLowry bridge is closed, makes it a little harder to get there.
Overall ratingExcellent

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  • Professional, Relaxing, Clean

I was nervous to go to an independent therapist, however I was surprised how professional Anastasia was. I enjoyed the massage very much, it was extremely relaxing, and she focused on my areas of tension. I would definetely recommend her sessions.

Value for money
Service & support
LocationIn a well kept business center
Overall ratingExcellent

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