Mobile Massage was begun in 1998 to supply massage therapy in the Charlotte, NC area. We specialize in coming to your situation and same day appointments. We have over a 90% success rate in fulfilling same day requests. Our professional therapists have given massages to over 20,000 people, making us Charlotte's most experienced massage supplier.

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  City Pineville, NC
  Zip Code 28134
  Address 9101 Pineville Matthews Road
  Phone Number (704) 541-0026

From Our Website

Mobile Massage of Charlotte offers a variety of massage therapy services, including quick and easy chair massages that can be done in a variety of environments like the office or home. Getting a massage on a professionally designed table offers an unbeatable experience that allows for targeted application of our most advanced techniques to relieve your muscle tension. Our service caters to a variety of needs for individuals and groups, often times to people who've never had a massage before. Read this page for answers to common questions and concerns.

Massage therapy on the table is the most effective form of massage there is. While chair massages are convenient, the access to your body and variety of techniques that can be applied with the use of a table is unbeatable. Tables allow us to work your muscles in a way that breaks up even the most stubborn knots of tense muscle. For those who've never had a massage before, we understand that the concept may make you uncomfortable. However, our staff is highly professional and treats you with the utmost respect.

Mobile Massage of Charlotte provides massage services to a variety of clientele in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Our chair massage options are available to individuals and groups, easily performed in a variety of settings. Whether you're a few girls having a ladies day or a company looking to provide a treat for a large number of employees, we provide effective and efficient service. With experience massaging groups as big as 500 people, we have the background and knowledge to handle almost any request you have.

Q: How will the massage feel? A: Our therapists use oil or lotion and start out using Swedish massage strokes to relax your brain and your muscle tension-these strokes feel good. Pressure may be increased on specific areas-if needed. You may experience some pain but it is short lived. This will greatly reduce the pain in the long run.