Enrich a friend's life by giving them a gift of health. We are situated in Tampa Bay, Florida between Seminole, Clearwater, Largo and St. Petersburg. Hours are from 10AM till 6PM, seven days a week! We sell herbal heat packs on line. ESG Massage Therapy supplies the Largo - Seminole community with experienced professional massage therapy.

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  City Seminole, FL
  Zip Code 33772
  Phone Number (727) 393-2226

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We sell beautiful herbal aromatherapy heat pads in most shapes and sizes, and some are unscented! Choose from bright colors and 2 heavenly fabrics. We make them in silky satin and sturdy cotton. They make the perfect birthday or holiday gift! For our customers who prefer all natural aromatherapy without scent, we offer Unscented Wraps. We pack each wrap with flax, wheat and other natural grains to provide a "scent free" aromatherapy experience.

For many people, joint pain and stiffness are the first symptoms of lupus, or a sign that a flare is coming on. Joints in the hands, wrists and feet get stiff and painful to move, sometimes so much so that it is hard to get up from a chair or button a shirt. The shoulders, knees and ankles also get stiff sometimes. A doctor called a "rheumatologist" specializes in treating these achy joints ("arthralgias") as well as swollen and painful joints. Is this pain and stiffness the same as arthritis? No, since the bones and joints do not (usually) get damaged permanently, as they do with arthritis.