Our space is considered a Dojo. A Dojo is a special space where students of the healing, martial, and meditative arts earnestly engage in purification training. In addition to massage instruction, Aikido the Way of Harmony, a Japanese martial art, as well as the powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga are taught in the dojo.

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  City Crestone, CO
  Zip Code 81131
  Address 1689 Columbine Overlook
  Phone Number (719) 256-4036

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As taught by Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga utilizes pranayam (breath), mudra (hand positions), mantra (sound vibration), asanas (postures), and movement to profoundly heal and transform mind, body, and spirit. CHAC hosts classes, weekend retreats, and teacher certification trainings in Kundalini Yoga. For more information on Kundalini Yoga in Crestone, pleaseclickhere, to access our website.