Situated in the middle of downtown Washington, D.C., we're able to assist walk you along the path of healing- and in time to get you back to work speedily. Since we're a complete therapy clinic, we do accept insurance. We know how hard it's to find holistic remedies which insurance will cover.

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  City Washington, DC
  Zip Code 20006
  Address 1712 Eye Street Northwest Suite LL 110
  Phone Number (202) 257-1363

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From hospitals to clinics, we are everywhere. What is difficult is to find a therapist who actually spends time with you, gets to understand your concerns and can serve as your guide towards healing. Often it is not enough just to receive treatment- a good therapist will try to understand all the factors which are required for a complete recovery. From ergonomic and postural issues, to rotator cuff strains, ACL tears or hip bursitis, CNMR's physical therapists can tailor a program to fit your needs exactly.

CNMR incorporates these different methods to decrease pain and spasm in the muscle. Because our physical therapists and chiropractors have intense training in muscle physiology, anatomy, and neurology, we are better able to pinpoint the exact cause for your pain, and find an appropriate method to grant pain relief and inhibit the spasm response. Each patient is treated according to how their symptoms present. In some cases, deep work is required to release muscles that may be in spasm several layers down.

We are an in network provider for all Blue Cross plans, including: PPO's, HMO's and POS plans. Other PPOs (Cigna, Aetna, etc) also qualify for our physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and all other services as an out-of-network provider. We render services according to your insurance plan's provisions and stipulations. Unfortunately, Medicare, or Medicaid do not qualify for services at CNMR. Patients in the District of Columbia are allowed to access physical therapy services with no referral from a physician.

The Center for Neuromuscular and Massage Rehabilitation is pleased to announce the addition of chiropractic adjustment services to our clinic. Since true holistic therapy encompasses a wide range of ideas and scopes, merging chiropractic with physical and massage therapy can provide a recuperative synergy beyond the borders of any one treatment. Chiropractic is a specialty within the healthcare field that treats health problems by restoring proper alignment, joint movement, and nerve function. A chiropractor accomplishes this by performing spinal adjustments to help restore proper alignment, increase movement in vertebrae, and decrease pain and irritation from injury.

Services are priced at $100 per 50 minute session, $140 for 80 minutes. This includes any of the above choices. Massage therapy services are available at a discount for those who no longer have medical need for massage rehabilitation, as a thank-you for your continued patronage. Call CNMR at 202-257-1363 to more about how we can relieve your soreness, pain and tension with massage therapy. We are in Washington DC at the Farragut West metro station on the Blue and Orange lines. Massage therapy at CNMR is also available as an out-of-pocket service, but with a special twist- it is provided by physical therapists or chiropractors!

The unique properties of Kinesio Tape mimic the dermal layer of your skin, it can up to 60% beyond its resting length, and is water resistant to withstand moist environments. This allows for Kinesio Tape to be worn up to 24 hours a day for 3 to 5 continuous days. Taping may be applied during any phase of injury, as it can be clinically utilized to reduce inflammation and help advance all phases of your rehabilitation program. Often, through injury, the body is incapable of placing itself in the best position for healing.

All orthotics are made with the highest quality materials available, which may include carbon fiber, graphite, memory foam, leather, and moldable plastics. They are used in combination to produce a machine that has just the right amount of flexibility and support to promote the proper degree of biomechanical control. The process begins with an orthotic evaluation- we listen to your medical complaints, examine the shape of your foot, ankle and lower leg, and then watch how you perform tasks such as walking and, when necessary, running, cutting, pivoting and the like.

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