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Cardinal Spa and Massage is designed to offer the community of Big Rapids a new way to experience massage therapy. All specialty massages offered at Cardinal Spa and Massage has healing and relaxing benefits. You don't have to travel to a large city, or enjoy a cruise on the ocean in order to find the services offered at Cardinal Spa and Massage! We design our therapies around you, your therapy goals, and your lifestyle. It is important that you take the time to fill out a Client Intake Form and discuss your current health conditions with the massage therapist.

Warmed coconut oil or grapeseed oil, combined with essential oils is used in all regular massage modalities upon request for an additional $2. Discuss your options with the massage therapist to determine which oils are best for you.

Nature's Nectar is a product produced by Cardinal Spa and Massage and is sold exclusively at The Studio! All products are made with 100% natural ingredients. The products currently being offered for sale are body scrubs and bath salts. The menu of the body scrubs and bath salts change with the seasons, so check back often for new scents! Or, if you have a scent in mind, speak with Monica to create a special order! Special orders are made at no extra cost to you!

Like Cardinal Spa and Massage on Facebook for more information, and monthly specials. You can also contact Monica at The Studio by calling (231) 598-4247.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Clinical Massage, Sports Massage, Relaxation, Mud Body Wraps, Paraffin Dips
  • Bamboo Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Dry Brushing Skin Treatment

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • American Massage Therapy Association
  • Licensed Massage Therapist

Serviced Areas

  • Big Rapids, Michigan

Payment Options

  • American Express, Cash Only, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, we accept credit cards, checks, and cash

Contact Details

  Person Monica Schriner
  City Big Rapids, MI
  Zip Code 49307
  Address 126 Maple Street
  Phone Number (231) 598-9212

Business Representative

Monica Schriner

Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist

Monica Schriner received an Associate Degree in Health Sciences, with a focus in Massage Therapy from Baker College of Cadillac. After receiving her certificate in Massage Therapy, in December of 2012, she continued her education and graduated with honors in June of 2013. Monica became a member of the American Massage Therapy Association in January of 2013. After passing the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in July of 2013, she became licensed in the state of Michigan in September of 2013. She has received the most current education in massage therapy, and has already begun her work towards continuing education to enrich each client's experience at Cardinal Spa and Massage.

Monica expresses great passion for the profession of massage therapy. If you have any questions regarding massage therapy, or any of the modalities she offers please speak with Monica!

Products & Services

Swedish Massage

The oldest and most widely used massage for ultimate relaxation. Swedish massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is suggested in a regular program for stress management. It also has many specific medical uses.

Deep Tissue Massage

For the treatment of trigger and tender points, find relief in a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. Some of the same strokes are used as classic massage therapy, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Fluff n Buff

Massage focused on shoulders, neck, and back to relieve tired and overworked muscles where stress is most commonly carried. Swedish massage strokes are used, and are intended to re-energize the body.

Palm and Sole Massage

30 minutes of hand and foot massage to revitalize one of the most neglected parts of the body. Treatment will begin with one of our custom made body scrubs applied to the feet, and finish with a hand and foot massage.

Dry Brushing Skin Treatment

Dry skin brushing is a technique in which the skin and lymphatic system are stimulated with a natural bristle brush. It increases blood flow bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which helps the body to detoxify. The sebaceous glands are stimulated and dead skin cells are removed to reveal the healthy new skin below; the lymphatic flow is increased to revitalize the body and boost immunity.
Dry brushing is a nice enhancer treatment before a full body massage.
The skin is brushed, then a skin toner is applied, and finally a lymphatic support lotion is massaged into the skin.

Dry Brushing Skin Treatment Only $20
Treatment as an Add On to a Traditional Massage Modality Add $15

Swedish Gymnastic Stretching Treatment

Sometimes all you need is a good stretch! Add Swedish Gymnastic Stretching to any Traditional Massage Modality and make the effects of your massage last longer! In a hurry? Schedule 20 minute appointment to get stretched out! The top five benefits of stretching include:
1. Increases flexibility
2. Improves circulation
3. Improves balance and coordination
4. Helps alleviate lower back pain
5. Helps improve cardiovascular health

Lymph Massage

A soft-touch technique used to reduce swelling and move lymphatic fluid in the body. Manual lymph drainage massage is a form of very light massage that encourages lymph flow in the body. It is particularly good for detoxification, edema, pre- and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction. It can also help with cellulite treatments, scar tissue, spider veins, redness and acne. The lymph system is a slow-moving system of vessels and lymph nodes that is supplementary to the body's system of blood circulation. The lymph system both delivers nutrients to the cells and carries away excess water, cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins.
50 minutes $40

Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Also known as Indian Head Massage, this age old treatment is still used today by the people of India to treat multiple hair and scalp conditions, such as encouraging hair growth, strength, and nurturing the hair. This treatment uses a special blend, of the client's choice of either coconut oil or grapeseed, and essential oils that are warmed, and then massaged into the scalp. A neck, shoulder, and arm massage is included in this specialty. You will walk away feeling renewed, and rejuvenated!

Bamboo Massage

A popular modality in most of Europe, Bamboo Massage is making its way across the U. S. Bamboo massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue work. Heated bamboo and an eclectic oil blend create a complete feeling of well-being and total body relaxation. Natural bamboo symbolizes youth, strength, and optimal health.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones and an oil blend are used to enhance relaxation and decrease deeper muscle tension in the body. Hot Stone Massage consists of traditional massage techniques with the incorporation of therapeutic heat through warmed stones. The temperature aids in the healing process much like hot pads do. In addition each stroke with a massage stone is 10 times more effective than a traditional stroke. Stones are placed on trigger points around the body to penetrate deep within the muscle before the area is massaged. This massage specialty helps to improve circulation, decrease muscle tension, and ease muscle soreness.

Warm Vanilla Paraffin Dip

During a paraffin dip the hands or feet are immersed into a bath of melted paraffin. The heat from the paraffin increases the blood supply to the area being treated. Moisture is drawn from the underlying layers of the skin, the moisture surfaces and mixes with the applied moisturizer. This fluid is unable to evaporate because of the paraffin glove. It is then infused back into the skin resulting in the most successful way to rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish the skin. It also helps to relieve muscle aches and arthritis pain. Warm Vanilla paraffin dip includes a light shoulder and neck massage as the paraffin takes effect.

First the skin is sanitized, and then moisturizing lotion is applied and lightly massaged into the area. The hand or foot is immersed gradually, 3 or 4 times into the warm paraffin wax creating an extra thick paraffin glove. A mitt or bootie is then slipped over a plastic liner creating a seal to improve heat retention. The treatment will last about 20-30 minutes and then the paraffin sheath will be peeled off revealing incredibly soft and moist skin.

Mud Body Wrap

The warmth provided by a mud/clay body wrap improves circulation, tightens the skin, relieves aches and joint pain. First, the mud is applied with a brush, and wrapped in plastic. Then you are wrapped in warm blankets for about 15-20 minutes as the mud/clay dries. You will receive a foot massage as the mud/clay dries. Then, the mud/clay is removed with a salt scrub. Finally, the salt scrub is washed away with a sponge to reveal a fresh new you! At Cardinal Spa and Massage, we have three types of muds you can choose from. If you are not sure which mud or clay to use, just ask and we will help you decide!

Black Mud
Known as one of Queen Cleopatra's legendary beauty secrets, the Black Mud cleans and revitalizes the skin and relieves tension and muscle pain.

Pure Rhassoul Clay
Rhassoul clay is very useful on oily, sensitive and tired skin. This product contains very high levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium. This product is considered All Natural and is Cosmetic Grade.

Pure Bentonite Clay
Bentonite clay, also known as Sodium Bentonite or Montmorillonite, is a healing clay best known for its skin healing properties. When applied to the skin, it essentially absorbs toxins that get trapped in the skin. The clay originates from the mountainous Wyoming region and mined directly from the earth.

  • I would recommend this business

I messaged Monica due to a bad headache, she got me in right away! By the end of the massage my headache was completely gone. Look forward to coming back!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Decided it was time for self love and a little pampering! I went into Monica’s office feeling more anxiety than I like to admit. (New face, my physical restrictions and lack of trust for most “medical professionals”) Monica was friendly, understanding and most of all AMAZING with her hands! She found places that I would have never guessed were sore and I walked out of that office a ton more relaxed than I walked in! On my way out I scheduled an appointment for next week!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I love Ashley so much!! Not only is she very professional, but she truly cares about your personal life and really gets in tune with you to make sure your massage is as relaxing as possible!!

Amazing! Loved my spa sampler. Very professional and skilled therapist. Relaxing spa atmosphere made it all that much better!

i had a wonderful experience with my massage. Monica was beyond amazing with her skills and was able to fit me in unexpectedly. I definitely her for anyone looking for a massage.

A little hard to find, but a small personal staff made it a friendly, relaxing experience. And those heated massage tables are amazing!

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Complementary paraffin hand dip with every color service! Call (231) 598-9212 to schedule!
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Schedule a facial! Appointments available!
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Waxing it off lasts a few weeks longer than shaving! Schedule an appointment!
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Whether you feel like submerging yourself in warm relaxation and forgetting all about the outside world, or you need a day of conversation and relaxation, here is a place where it is all possible! We host birthday parties, bridal parties, Bachelorette parties, client and staff pampering parties, girls' day out and so much more! Groups of 5 to 8 women are welcome to schedule a day to be pampered by massage therapists, cosmetologists, and estheticians. Choose between two private spa experiences for a flat rate per person.

Reduce tension in the head and neck, and increase circulation to these areas through gentle massaging movements. Morocan oil is warmed, and enhanced with essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint, and then massaged into the scalp, leaving you feeling revived, free of tension, and sense of well being! Salt of the Earth Massage is the most lavish service using products that won't disappoint! This treatment begins with a creamy scrub, a sweet treat to pamper deprived skin! Naturally reveal soft skin with this creamy shea butter scrub.

Color prices vary based on condition on the hair, amount of foils, and the look you are wanting to achieve.